Sofia’s 3rd Birthday Bash – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Sofia’s 3rd Birthday Bash

January 23, 2010

Been wanting to do an entry on this but didnt have the time to organise and resize the photos. Well, didn’t managed to take much photos though since the the three kids were running around, athirAh non-stop amiq cawan and played with the water dispenser. hArith and uZAir dok capai sume food.

The deco were superb. Sangat cantek the banner and bunting! Boleh lah if ade rezeki this year punye triple celebration suruh Sofia’s auntie buatkn banner n bunting (ha syauQi baca ayat ni sure dh jeling, amboi2, mak budak dh beria piki bday yg lagi 5 bulan! haha).

Birthday gal was dressed in beautiful cinderalla dress but she became conscious with all the attention she gets. Malu sume org tgk die jadi cinderela. Bday gal kept herself occupied tiup mende tu sbb malu nk tgk org…

Look at the cake, isn’t it luvly!

and nicely decorated cupcakes that matches the theme, made by Shila if im not mistaken

The cupcake sure taste good, look at hArith enjoying it

Shila, if u wish to have advertorial post of finger licking good cupcake…send over box of cuppies to hArith. He’ll do the part well n im sure athirAh n uZAir will njoy doing the ‘finger licking good’ part 😉

Oh did i mention, when we arrived, we were first greeted by a lorry…yes u heard me right. A lorry full of chee cheong fun! We conviniently park ourselves at the table nearest to the lorry..hihi. Farah and Azza later joined us at the table too. Ha, if makan duduk same2 ngan Farah i tak if diri sebelah2 dgn die i kisah…h


the other foods were all superb, luv the nasi goreng n ayam goreng. next time nk order dr u bleh tak the ayam?

And thanks to Zubye, she help took photos of all of us with the bday gal n mom

hArith insists that i carry him sebab nak nearer to the “happy you you” (read: cake)

Thanks again for inviting us. We surely went home with tummy yg sgt kenyang

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  1. menarik tu idea advertorial post. =P

    btw the lorry part tu pun, i dah macam “wow!” sebab lama tak makan steamboat kan. =P


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ha meh2 if u nk ‘finger-licking-good’ punye advertorial post, u know who to contact ya 😉


  2. Hi munirah 🙂
    Im so happy u & ur family dtg mmg tak sangka belum… thanks 4 coming… and 4 for the present too 🙂
    btw if u want my sis buat kan banner & baunting u leh inform me anytime kalau boleh in advance…
    and…. now i fall in love with all ur pictures.. cantek!!!


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    thanks for having us!
    again, food sgt sedap, sbbnye i mmg tak makan pedas…so nasi goreng n ayam goreng camtu mmg superb tuk i 😉
    orait i now know who to cari to do bunting n banner


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