Tertunggak – TRIPLETS plus ONE


January 12, 2010

I have few entries to be put up here..was busy the past few weeks. Previously, lack of new post coz kids were on school holiday, so i couldnt have my peaceful morning to sit infront of my lappy. After a week of schooling, the kids kena flu so now im back to no-peaceful-morning coz they are home. My relatives from hometown were here the past few days, so was busy entertaining them.

Really need to sort out photos for my entry tertunggak. Malasnye nk kena resize bagai.

Oh, anway..if you notice i have new tab up there USANA Health Science. Ive made it easier for those who wish to enroll as a member, just fill up the form =). Will add more on it soon…kids are running around. Have to go…

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