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January 31, 2010

Didn’t i tell you that i’m addicted to Nutrimeal? I usually take it in the morning since malas nk buat breakfast bagai and there are days i would be in dilemma if there’s nice breakfast served on the table…do i eat the food or dirnk my nutrimeal. Bes of all since i’m only 41kg…i’m allowed to have both…hihi. This only happen once in awhile whent he breakfast is so tempting..cam if tetiba my mom balik beli mee yg sedap.hihi

And now it is even more tempting to take nutrimeal twice a day! Why? Coz im a bubble tea lover! Asal nampak jer sure beli. And my kids pun now dah pantang nampak. But actually we love it coz of the bola2 in it.

So ape kena mengena bubble tea and nutrimeal. Im getting best of both world now!

Cool aight! The bubble2 in my  nutrimeal!! Superr yummy!!!

Ha details, of it you can read it here 😉

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  1. alamak bestnya, the buble tea homemade. kat tesco kat row/bahagian maner nak dapatkan material for buble tea tue?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    err bukan kt tesco bahagian mane2…i gi kt kioks stall yg jual bubble tea tu mintaq dari die nk beli yg mentah punye. nanti die ajar skali camane nk prepare that thingy. i tak sure if other kioks ade jual tak


  2. ooo.. camtue yer.. boleh recommend kat maner you beli tak and how much per packet? thanks.. kat area putrajaya yg i ada booth jual buble tea kat little taiwan depan c4.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    little taiwan yg mahal punye tu kan…satu 5ringgit lbh, yg proper kedai tu isnt it. ni i beli yg stall booth biasa tu. rm20 for a big pack. i would say its worth buying sbb if beli per cup tu skit je the bubble kan. tp u takleh rebus banyak2 skaligus, coz if simpan overnite the bubble tu cam dh tak liat2


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