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Brotherly Love

February 6, 2010

Since baby hArith has always been the loving one. Even now, when it’s bedtime, he wants to hug me.

The other night, when i woke up for breastfeed uZAir, i saw him huggin athirAh. And when i woke up for subuh, his hand was still on athirAh. Quickly i took the camera, fix the flash and took a picture of it


and he’s is getting cheeckier, even school teachers commented on this. He have all kinds of expression nowadays



Since husband started taking it, and another friend of him that i mentioned previously…more of his friends have started taking it. All with the same problem. Sakit lutut sbb dok main lots of sports. To date, 6 of his friends are using it. One of them had both knees operated and now recovering. He started taking in about a week and can already see improvement in going up the stairs.

I have relatives who asked me, how come org muda skrang byk dh sakit lutut? My answer? Coz nowadays sume org muda mudi main  futsal, hard turf. Dulu org main bola padang…so its kind-er to the knee. Lagi2 if dah put on weight as compared to zaman sek dulu main atas padang rumput..bile lari we are putting pressure on our knee, hence the sakit lutut

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  1. sungguh la comel! abg yg baik pada adik2 dan keluarga insyaAllah 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    insyaAllah, ameen =)


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