Pontian for 24 hours – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Pontian for 24 hours

February 28, 2010

Yes we were in Pontian for 24 hours, reached there on Friday 2pm plus and left for KL the next day 2pm plus. We were there for my kazen’s wedding. It felt a lil weird though, to be back in Pontian but staying in hotel instead of Embah’s house.

I did tweet 2 weeks back that my uncle pass away, that uncle is the father to the bride. She look very brave and calm during the wedding day. I couldnt imagine myself, to loose my dad 2 weeks prior to the wedding. To respect arwah, they had a modest majlis, no kompang and bersanding. Pengantin laki dtg pun awal2 me tak notice.

Food was good and elder two behave well. Although it was hot, there were busy buat hal sendiri. takde clingy ke ape, only that i had to do headcount every minute, worried they might go far. athirAh was busy playing with the air basuh tangan non-stop. Kesian org yg nk kena top up air tu. uZair wasn’t too bad either. Wasn’t that clingy, i mean he is for sure capable of being extra clingy than that. Rambut basah dah macam mandi my kids.

Will put up photos of the trip soon. Hmm, i dont forsee any wedding coming up soon. Now i wonder, when will it be next for us to balik Pontian again

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  1. ehhh…i notice u during Zura wedding day @ Pontian last weekend. Pengantin lelaki (Zura’s husband) is my cousin. Salam perkenalan…


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