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Shmontel in d house

February 6, 2010

I just got back from shmontel’s aqiqah and realised that my entry of them is still in my draft. Yes, i did write a teaser of them, and never get around to complete my draft. When i got the invitation via FB, i told myself…wah ni sudah wajib pegi since they took the trouble of coming over my place instead of the other way round. So off i went with all three, syauQi is not around thus it was just me and the 3 lil rascals. I didn’t have enough hand to take any photos, i did bring my camera though, cume tak cukup tangan. Now that i’m back home, i decided to sit down n complete my draft:

Last weekend, saya agak tidak senonoh. Instead of visiting the newborn baby at her crib i invited them over. That shouldnt be the way aight. Husband was away for work but i didnt want to miss the opportunity of seeing Khadeeja again, i miss the opportunity when they were here for a week. But this time around they were here only for the weekend before heading back to Seremban.

When i saw this tweet from Mai:

 jom jom girls outing day tomorrow.. kat mana? Ou? The curve? yay!!! (yar right?!?) haha. Yup, am at kj 😉 5 days ago from Tweetie

I immediately replied : kat my house! =)

Yes i invited Mai over to my place but didnt expect much. Ye lah, org baru abis pantang kan. But woow to my surprise, i saw a direct msg on my twitter from her. Wow weee, she said she’s coming over. Good thing i had the instict to check out twitter.

I wanted to do tutu for baby DJ but with 30mins notice, i only came out with a simple one. measurement pun tak betul sgt. Managed to take few photos of baby while Mai’s husband was very good at entertaining my 3 lil rascals. Believe it or not, athirAh cried when they left asking for “unclee!!”

I was requested not to place mom’s photo here, but managed to get her permission…hence i’m putting up the not-so-close-up photo =)

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  1. btw munirah, i was surprised really to know u went to mai’s place smalam ALONE with the 3 kids. serious, totally a superMOM!


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tats y i couldnt stay any longer to wait for u coz elder two dah sesuka hati masuk rumah and started touching all the deco, decided to leave b4 ade mende pecah.hihi


  2. oh takpe, we could have like planned gi sesama kan baru syok lama btol x borak. loved mai’s udang btw. tetibe jek haha.


  3. wahhh baby DJ soooo cuteeee….ala maiii apsal tak nak letak gambar..kasik la chance ur long lost friend nak tengok..hiks

    nice pics munirah..thumbs up!


  4. hey that’s us!! (omg banyaknya rambut dJ skarang dah botaks haha)

    u mmg supermom la munirah can manage 3 kids sambil amik gambar pastu boleh lak solo bwk budak2 gi kenduri…terrer terrer.. ni anak 2 org pun blog kwn2 boleh xsempat baca (nak dekat sebulan baru perasan entry ni apa kes…). my mission before going back to work: must print all these pretty piccas u took yg so oh gorgeousnya tq tq tq tripletsplusone(!!) & kalaulah sempat ( & rajin) nak scrapbook kan one of the pics. hehe..berangan!!

    p/s: pn. bai, xde maknanya nak tgk gambar mak nyer yg serabai ni. dah jadik 2nd time mommy pun kalutnya ngalahkan 1st time mommy hehe..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    alamak i pun lupe lak nk inform u of the entry,oppss…

    supermom? Ameen =) i certainly wish i am one!! rase skit lagi jadi cam baby dJ kot kepala i ni..botak dibuatnye with all kind of charaters i hv in the hse. amiq gmbar the other day, i biar je the 3 buat hal masing2 and kt ur hse pun tgk lah how serabai i was, dgn athirAh buang kulit limau dlm longkang, hArith jatuh tegolek kt longkang…hahah. so much of supermom…hihi. takpe2 i “ameen” kn gak kate2 u too coz i really want to be one =)


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