Kids don’t lie

By on March 27, 2010

The 3 siblings were playing and joking around, then they started playing rough and i caught hArith pushing athirAh. I went up to him and said:

mOmmy: don’t push around! which hand push athirAh? this one? (and i took his right hand and gave a light smack on his palm)

with a sincere look, he look up at me and said: ” no this one” as he took out his left hand to me.

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Fiesta without Hot Air Balloon

By on March 26, 2010

Yes we went to the Hot Air Balloon fiesta but we were dissapointed to know there wasn’t any hot air balloon. Weather wasn’t good. Last year, we went on Friday morning, we saw the hot air ballon but it didnt take off coz apparently it is the DCA ruling, they can’t flew it before noon. So this year around we went in the evening, but weather was windy and about to rain,hence no hot air balloon =(

So this year lagi hampa, coz langsung tak nmpak hot air balloon, wanted to go the next day, tp cuaca ptg tu cam nk hujan jugak. However, I got what i wish for! hArith loves all kind of transportation. While nicely seated in his car seat, he will look out naming all the vehicle that passed him “fuel kanker” (fuel tanker) “cement micture” (cement mixer) “crane” tractor” “emily” “syakeel” “hugo” (he mentioned his school friend’s name according to the car their parents drove”. And once in a while he’ll be excited to see ambulance and police car but he hardly get to see fire engine.

I once told syauQi, can we like just crash into the fire station, ckp ngan bomba tu my anak nk tgk fire engine. syauQi said we will need letter of permission to do so. Kalau ikutkn mmg lah nk main gamble je masuk, takkan lah pakcik2 tu kang tak kesian tgk muka anak saya yg teruja tgk fire engine yg gedabak besar itu.

Lucky us, i need not tebalkn muka masuk balai bomba coz we saw a fire engine nicely park by the side. Showed to hArith and he was amazed to see it, insisted of going nearer. He didn’t expect it to be that big coz all this while he only see small sizes picture in the book . So muka die teruja sama cam die tgk gajah dulu. Unfortunately didnt capture his first reaction face towards the fire engine

Ni bukan saya pendek, Encik Bomba tu yg tinggi, 6 kaki lebih Encik tu

Cube u all close up look at athirAh’s attire. Did u notice that she’s wearing a swimming suit? Yup she insisted on wearing it sbb nk pegi swim. Tried to change her attire she refused, so i ended up putting a skirt on it so it doesnt look obvious.

Since there wasnt any hot air balloon we went nearer to the lake to see those wat u call it, ball floating in the lake where human can get into the ball, rase cam hamster lah pulak, lari2 dlm bola tu.

and my gal thought, we bringing her for a swim at the lake! had to hold on tight to her…

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Fridge Magnet for USANA Customer

By on

Here’s your opportunity to receive free fridge magnet by purchasing USANA product *

Currently I have fridge magnet from Rome, you may expect fridge magnet from other countries soon =) Lets decorate your fridge now with this Colosseum Rome.


*Terms n Condition applied and while stock last

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Progress of their weaning off…

By on March 25, 2010

Been wanting to update on my kids progress of weaning off but didnt have the time. I haven’t watermark my photos so here’s an entry without photos

-uZAir no longer bf during the day, but he will ask for it middle of night. I still have no idea how to stop him coz he will scream on top of his lung and will definitely wake the other 2 up.

-we need to go for a drive everynite to put all three to sleep. i do think that it will be possible for hArith n athirAh to sleep without their bottle, but i can’t be putting all 3 to sleep all by myself, thus easiest way is to go for a drive. How the other 2 sleep without bottle? hArith can sleep if i do story telling or any kind of coversation we will doze off after answering much of why this and that. athirAh, will fall asleep if tepuk2 pat her while she watches the mickey mouse / dibo / barney programme. But there’s no way uZAir can fall asleep without pacifying with breastfeed, thus we have to bring him for a drive. so ended up all 3 go for a drive coz i can’t be doing story telling with hArith while patting athirAh who is watching the tv.

-the elder two is doing superb without their bottle. however they dont like the fresh milk that much coz it is not as sweet as their formula milk. yes, do u know that formula milk is sweet? And the other day we happen to be at my in-laws and the only milk left in the fridge is the anlene concentrated milk. the love it! it is sweet like their formula milk. BUT it is rather pricey to stock that up in the house. anyone knows of any other milk brand (for kids preferable of coz) the size as small as the anlene?

-i have mentioned before that my elder 2 still wakes up at night for milk aight. surprisingly since we stop bottle, they no longer wake up at night! when i first started weaning them off, my maid’s concern was “cik, malam2 mintaq susu macam mane?” if only i knew earlier the only way to stop them from waking up middle of the nite is to wean them off from bottle, i would have done earlier…haha

-hArith eat more than i do nowadays, SERIOUS!  in most day he will have 2 serving for lunch in skool, and he will eat again at home, as much as i do. i do think it is a good idea to wean off bottle, they eat more rather than just relying on the milk.

To be continued…

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I Love PlayHouse Disney :D

By on March 22, 2010

Guess what? I had a Me Time on Friday nite and the best part  it was a Me Time BUT yet still with the kids in mind coz it was a dinner with PlayHouse Disney. I wanted to make an entry on this earlier but i had problem searching for words to describe my emotion then. And up till now i still can’t find a word for it. I was just too overwhelmed.

When i first received an email for the invitation, of coz i couldnt help myself but being skeptical. I mean who wouldnt if u got an invitation out of nowhere. I did ask for further clarification, thought they got my email from nuf*nang but apparently they did their own googling and research and came to know about my blog. And later i found out that few other bloggers were also invited. I was at first reluctant to attend coz that would means leaving my kids behind. It would be fine if it was during the day but it was a dinner, how is syauQi gonna put all 3 to sleep. However motherly instict told me to accept the invitation. (and also if nk harapkn dpt dinner invites from nuf*nang smpai sudah kot tak dpt sbb i notice everytime private fuction nuf*nang, balik2 muka same..they have their blogger preferance dah kot)

syauQi decided to bring all 3 to his parents’ place that nite. He left the house almost 730pm so i could get ready and wont have the problem of having to sneak out quietly from them. I was the last to arrived, it was a nice cosy ambiance. As i sat, i was served the starter. It totally felt weird eating in such ambiance, calm and peaceful. I’m so used to having a havoc meal time. I could actually chew my food slowly instead of swallowing everything in, hihi. I started taking out my fear (camera) but later decided to just enjoy the great moment and ended up not taking much photos.

But i couldnt help myself from becoming jakun the first few mins i arrived, hence the photos of decos and such, and yes decos with my name on it!

PlayHouse Disney did a presentation for us on the branding and other infos. They were promoting a whole concept where parents are encouraged to sit down with the kids and watch the programme together to encourage interaction and ofcoz indirectly it promotes healthy bonding with the children. The first question we were asked was “do u watch tv with ur kids?” and all of us gave a very cheerful “Yeesss!” and im pretty sure they (the organizer) took our words coz we responded very well to all the cues. Upon hearing the presenter explaning that the Tigger and Pooh programme have the element of thinking, we could hear parents saying “think think think”, and when it comes to Lil Enstein, we could hear “clap clap clap” and “the three simple steps”, when mentioned Special Agent Oso. The presenter even joke about having a grand prize of a trip to Disney Hong Kong, i was already smiling ear to ear, but unfortunately it was just a joke…

It was such a great nite, i treasured every minute of it till i didn’t make any extra effort of getting to know other moms / dad at the other end of the table. I was enjoying every minute of it. Yes, i always wish for a Me Time, but i would feel guilty if i were to pamper myself at a spa, i feel that would be a lil selfish to have such a great time  and leave the kids behind. But this time around i didnt feel bad, because in a way i’m attending a dinner for their caused. For PlayHouse Disney, the one and only channel they watch every single day. ( we don not allow the kids to watch Cartoon Network as we find that not all the programmes are suitable)

Here were the food that i get to eat and chew slowly, i can even remember the taste up to today coz i really allow the food to n”mingle” on my tongue before i swallowed it. It wasn’t the usual chunk everything in the mouth scenario..hihi

And oh, the decorations were sooo nice, upon seeing the placement with my name on it, i asked them if i could bring it home. And i even go to the extend of asking the PlayHouse Disney representative if they don’t mind me taking theirs too since i would need 3 of it =) We were given goodie bags too. Went i reached home, syauaQi was still driving the kdis around to put them to sleep. The next day, they woke up with such a pleasant smile seeing the goodie bag. It looks as though it was a Christmas morning, where kids run to check their presents and open it while still in their pyjamas.

hArith had his breakfast using Uncle Jarieul’s table mat,

The dinner was perfect, it wasnt dragging. Every minute was well spent. By 10pm one of the blogger had to leave, thus we took a group photo and later I made my way home too. In the car, i felt sooo overwhelmed with the function. It was actually possible to have a good Me Time without feeling much guilt leaving the kids behind. Called up the husband to inform i’m on my way home, he and the kids were on the way home too by then.

Soon after I reached home, i received a “Thank You” email from Sophia of IN.Deed Communications who represent Playhouse Disney. I could not thank her enough for inviting me in which i replied :

I certainly had a good time, seryesly. i drove home with tears, happy tears of coz! i was overwhelmed with emotion. I actually able to sit down for a proper dinner. This is my first ever social function WITHOUT the kids. I am always feel reluctant to accept any invitation, coz i would have to leave my kids behind. But this time around the mother instict said i shuld go, and i didn’t feel much guilty leaving the kids behind coz i’m doing this for their caused (and other kids who watches playhouse disney of coz! ) =)

and it made me even more guilt free, coz i didnt come home empty handed but with lots of goodies for them =)

thanks for the wonderful night!

However, the wonderful feeling slowly fade away and i was back into reality (that peaceful nite is over and i’m back with my 3 lil ones) when syauQi came home with the 3 kids with a long face. My intention to share the great moment disappeared instantly. And only later i knew the reason behind the long face. He went to his parents’ place but to discovered nobody was at home, leaving him to take care all 3 by himself. His sister only came home after 9, so basically he was left to handle all three for an hour plus. I guess that must be the reason of the long face (tired face)

A really BIG THANK YOU to PlayHouse Disney, I can’t thank them enough. Not only they keep my kids occupied with their great programmes, but they also provide a great Me Time for me. One word to describe it. PERFECT

Sophia was super efficient, she emailed us the group photo the very same nite (in her thank you email).

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