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Craft room / Home Office ?

March 7, 2010

I know i’ve been slacking lately in updating my blog. major reason was kids havent been going to skool since CNY. They have runny nose. In usual scenario, it will take 3 cycles for them to be free from it. We are now at the 2nd stage. I used to give them the organic syrup, they no longer want to drink it, been giving the colustrum tablets syauQi bought from New Zealand. Athirah likes it and been eating it alot, like as though taking sweets out of the jar. Been giving hArith and uZAir the Yamen honey. uZAir likes it and kept asking for more. So how much is too much?

Another reason, i’m not sure what word to use for this, separation anxiety? Yes, hArith is going through that stage. Farnee aight, almost 3 years old but going through that phase. All this while, he wants to hug me to go to bed. But lately, he will wake up in the middle of the nite, if im lucky he will sit down and said “mommy hug” and come to me, hug me and continue sleeping. Or else he will suddenly give a loud cry and asking to be hug. The later happen more often! And his cry will often wake uZAir up too.

Usually he have no problem if the maid shower him. But now, he insists of “mOmmy andi hArith” . After each shower, we will have a good 30 mins (if i’m lucky, coz it can go up to one hour) to decided which clothes he wants to wear. We had problem at kampung the other day, all the baju we brought he refused to wear. It took about an hour to get him to wear the baju melayu. The easiest way to get him to wear is, if either uZAir or athirAh is wearing a similar clothing, we can pujuk him by saying “alrite, hArith wear same like athirAh/ uZAir”. Back in kampung, only after we pointed out he will be wearing same as pApa AND uZAir baru die nk pakai, (mase tu pApa blum mandi,so blum pakai the baju myu lagi). I guess, that’s part of the reason why we see twins wearing same baju? I try to avoid similar baju sbb rase rugi je. Kang takleh tukar2 with others if sume same jer.  Oh and also, at malls…it must be ME that pushes his stroller. No pApa pushing…it must be ME or else he will be whining “mommy push, mommy pusssh”

hArith really takes up a lot of my time lately. And oh I usually organize, resize, watermark my photos upstairs. I prefer using the desktop instead of laptop. But the desktop is upstairs. If i were to go up, if one of them cry, by the time i reach will be too late. All 3 will be awake due to the cry from one of them. And having 3 all up in the middle of the nite is the last thing i want to happen. I also wish to do some sewing, which is also close to impossible. The sewing machine is upstairs too. How i wish to have a room next to my room where i can work. The nursery cum tv room cum annex room of mine do not have much space if i were to make a lil corner for myself. And also, if syauQi is not around, the maid sleeps there. So if all 3 cry at nite, i can easily call her for help. So i can’t on the light if she sleeps there.

I badly need to organize myself. Yes, I BADLY need that. I think syauQi is also tired with this unorganized wife of his. My mind is always tired that whenever he tell me of things-to-do while his at work, it didnt really register in my head. Bile balik, he asked me dah buat tak? baru lah oh ya, u asked me to do that.Err, absent mided?

I think i would need this?

pic [via]

or maybe a big one at the door?

pic [via]

or even bigger, on the wall? so syauqi can write it in a huge font of the things i have to do while his away.

pic [via]

hmm, but i can already imagine the dust, having a huge chalkboard like this.

oh wouldnt it be nice if i have a room dedicated for my stuff. And most important would be a filing cabinet! Yes need to start organizing everything. a simple room like this

pic [via]

or an elaborated on like this?

Meanwhile, here are photos of the kids main petang

uZAir and pApa…football training?

tapi sempat busybody tgk luar org lalu lalang

macam big boy kan uZAir…

I had a great time yesterday, photo session with Cheerful Hafiy, will update on that soon =)

**Meanwhile, do i have tailors / fashion desgin / good in sewing reading my blog?

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  1. my eldest son, adam was having that stage too.. betul2 its funny tetiba je dia mcm tu bila dia dah lebih 2thn. mcm nak jadi gila bila dia bgn menjerit nak mama(?) while his daddy is just sleeping next to him?? adududuhh

    i like theone before the elaborated room! mcm senang je nak buat keje. hmm i wish i have one too..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah kan. maybe coz the other day bapak die saje kate kt dia “mommy ikut papa gi keja bleh” trus die panic, wat if mommy really go


    n33za Reply:

    ala harith..kasik la chance mommy ikut papa..hehe


  2. im having the same prob too… Emir wants eveything done only by ME.. and coming back home from ofiz with a really exhausted brain just drive u nuts when he ask for the endless attn.

    but just hang on in there.. keep telling myself its just a phase that every normal kid go thru.. ;P

    but yeah.. a lil nice corner is definitely healthy to have. prob nnt when u move to ur new house! 😉


  3. the purple is nice to the eyes. at boleh letak tinggi2 kat corner walk – the kids wont be able to reach >:)


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