Kids don’t lie – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Kids don’t lie

March 27, 2010

The 3 siblings were playing and joking around, then they started playing rough and i caught hArith pushing athirAh. I went up to him and said:

mOmmy: don’t push around! which hand push athirAh? this one? (and i took his right hand and gave a light smack on his palm)

with a sincere look, he look up at me and said: ” no this one” as he took out his left hand to me.

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  1. wow! so good la harith.. cute!
    nadhrah pun kalau i tanya dia buat apa kat aqilah {bile aqilah nangis} dia akan ckp apa yg dia buat, walaupun dia tau dia akan kena a wee bit smacking

    but then there’s her cheecky times, when i’m bz doing something, ill just shout out for her, “nadhrah buat apa tu?”.. “takde pape”. kalau dia jwb takdepape tu means ada apa2 la tu she’s up to.. haha


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