A letter from the Doctor – TRIPLETS plus ONE

A letter from the Doctor

April 22, 2010

Well, it is not really a letter, an email actually

I woke up in the  morning and did my usual routine; check my emails. The email was sent using the contact form in my blog, so i was expecting enquiries on my photography / usana. To my suprise the email goes like this:

Name: ****
Subject: Others
How do you know about us?: Blog
Your Message: salam.
hv been following ur blog n photo gallery for sometime but never made myself 2 write 2 u b4. as fated, i’m actually the person who happened 2 be on call and thus attended 2 u during the delivery of ur triplets in ppum. alhamdulillah, praise to ALLAH for ur precious gifts. m very blessed as well 2 be able 2 watch hArith and athirAh growing healthily despite all the odds. greatly enjoy n admire ur talent in photography also. keep up the good work 🙂
salam ukhuwah from dr *****, ppum

I actually read the email twice coz i just couldnt believe my eyes what i was reading. I remembered clearly, when i was giving birth to the triplets i was trying hard to read the doctor’s nametag. I wanted to remember the doctor that gave birth to these miracle babies of mine. Of cause there was other doctors and nurses aroud, but this particular Doctor was the one that lead the team. I remembered, once i was given the green light to push (they were making sure there’s enough ventilator for my babies before that) the doctor was telling the other doctors of their duty, one was to hold on to the machine, oh wat do u call that machine, yg place on the tummy to check on babies position. A doctor was assign to monitor all 3 position. I remembered her, telling me not to scream when i want to push the babies out, and to lift my head (chin touches my chest) After I pushed hArith out, i knew my battle wasn’t over. I asked her  “bile lagi nak push?” in which she replied “bile terasa lagi” and i said “dah terasa dah”, “okay push then” all three came out with 6 minutes interval, 9:05am 9:11am and 9:17am

After reading the email, i told syauQi and read it out loud to him. I was simply speechless to receive an email from the Doctor. Of coz i then replied the email. And the doctor replied again. I am so happy, infact i even invited her over to my house for tea perhaps. =)

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