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April 9, 2010

hArith came to my face and kept saying po-care-no (care as in english word for jaga)

i couldnt figure out what he’s trying to say, asked him to repeat it and again he said po-care-no. asked again, he repeated exact same pronunciation which i couldnt figure out, only this time it gets louder and louder

i told him, i still can’t figure out if u repeat the word in same manner but louder.

at last, i decided to call his teacher, Aunti Aishah to ask what new word did hArith learn today. Auntie Aishah asked me to pass the phone to hArith and happily he shouted po-care-no!!! he shouted couple of times, i took back the phone and asked auntie Aishah, what is that??

Aunti Aishah ” Volcano”

hahaha, sampai besok lah mOmmy can’t figure out.

They did subject on volcano today and most probably next week they gonna make their very own volcano, cool!

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  1. wahaha. kalo baca Po-care-no mmg tak boleh nak tau benda apa. tapi kalo baca ikut gaya budak2 baca, baru lah i tau benda tu apa. btw, 2 hari lepas faris bangun nap then asked me to bring him some air take-it. sampai kawan tu habis nangis i tak tahu apa itu air take-it. eh, sampai hari ni le i tatau benda air apa yg dia nak. dia mimpi kot minum air take-it tu masa nap.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    cube lah call auntie kt sekolah die tanye. hmm firasat i rase die nak teh tarik kot. hmm dekat2 tak bunyi tu take-it = tarik

    oh yg hArith tu i tak dpt teka sbb i tak penah sebut pasal volcano dgn die…tu tak ter-teka tu


  2. haha. ingatkan pokemon (apa kes pulak cikgu ajar pokemon kat skolah ek?)


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah pasal, i pun confused, for a min i tot pokemon gak, bile suruh repeat die jerit mende lain pulak ape tah something lak po-care-noL.
    the father is away, was on the phone with him so asked him to guess what it is, father pun takleh figure out and when i told him, father’s reaction was “wah, is 2 1/2 year old learning on volcano, mmg lah tak terteka…”hahah


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