Progress of Weaning Off: Part 2 – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Progress of Weaning Off: Part 2

April 2, 2010

Fuh i can finally sit down and spend sometime updating my blog. Sorry for the hiatus, my parents were away for almost 2 months leaving me behind to handle all the household, running errands, settle bills, sorting out their letters and such. my precious 3 hours in the morning mostly spend doing all those. and on top of that, weaning off uZAir from bf and the elder 2 from bottle took much of my time too. the first 2 weeks of weaning off i had to bring them out every day and nite for them to have their nap and sleep and night. so i was more often out then at home. Now it is the 3rd week weaning off and alhamdulillah im very happy that we no longer need to go for a drive. hArith have master the art of sleeping without bottle. he can take his nap all by himself *clap*clap*. and for this week, twice uZAir okto his nap all by himself too. athirAh? oh its common for  her not to take any nap. and for the past four nights, i managed to put all 3 to sleep all by myself! yes, without the help of syauQi or the maid. wahh very proud of myself (sorry angkat bakul coz it  is all the hardwork i went tru, harus lah nk angkat bakul. no joke hokey putting all 3 to sleep without bf and their bottles)

yup i think i tweet too much about their weaning off progress which i think i might have bore others. that was the only way to keep me going and keep me sane. seriously i ws sooo close of briniging out those bottles again. (yes we did the ritual of throwing it,but soon after i collected all and hide in just incase we failed) there was once uZAir didnt show any sign of sleeping, it was almost midnite..elder 2 were already asleep and i was sooo sleepy. going for a drive was not an option coz i cant leave the elder 2 behind, thus i took out the bottle, after dirnking 240ml, he finally slept. the next day the maid make the bottle visible to hArith. he was screaming his lung out asking for it. but lucky thing when we went to my inlaws, he had no prob seeing the cousin drinking from bottle. he was showing tantrum asking for the bottle, i almost gave up….but told myself, there is no turning back. so buckle them up in the car and went for a drive. (he was still screaming “nak bottle susu!!!”) passed by the mosque where they just finished friday prayers..he stop crying upon seeing the crowd came out from mosque. we then drove to the mosque where syauQi usually goes, and was so  happy to see pApa coming out from the mosque. finally slept in the car and there ends the drama of nak botol susu.

anyway, after much rambling, here’s photo of the kids my petang. uZAir have the hands for basketball…the way he throws is, hand coordination very good not just the normal campak masuk…

and here’s athirAh who still refuses to tie up her hair, grrrr

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  1. must be so proud of yourself..gud job gud job..I’m planning to wean off BF my son once he reach 2 y.o..hopefully I will be tough enough to handle the commotion..isk..


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