April 27, 2010

Yes, im sure there are lots of people out there having doubts in this product, thinking that it is just like any other MLM product. I don’t blame you, cause i was also in your shoes  before this. However after doing all the needed research myself, i found out that the founder of USANA is not just another Tom Dick or Harry who is business minded wanting to make money out of MLM,  the Founder of USANA is Dr Myron Wentz who is a world renowned microbiologist and immunologist, winner of the Albert Einstein Award For Lifetime Achievements in the Life Sciences.

USANA is also listed in Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) and the Master Index of Medical Specialities (MIMS), USANA’s products are listed in the PDR and MIMS, which certainly adds credibility to USANA. USANA has been independently tested by NSF  International (www.nsf.org) a non profit organization that sets standards for consumer products and then tests them. USANA products are manufactured according to pharmaceutical grade GMP . This means that the consistency, potency and disintegration is tested . It also ensures that the exact ingredients and dosages stated on the label is in the bottle. This is important since food grade supplements aren’t regulated or tested and you have to take the manufacturers word for what is in the product. USANA contains only what is on the label , no additives, toxins or fillers

And i guess, the product speak by itself as there are various testimonials all around this blogsphere, and USANA is being rated 5 star from the book NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, while other brand like GNC only gets from 1 – 2 star.

Besides that recently, USANA won again the Brand Laureate Awards ( http://www.thebrandlaureate.com/ ), USANA won the award for category Best Brands in Wellness – Health Supplement. It is not all about MLM coz USANA didnt get the category for Best Brands in Consumers – Multi-Level Marketing, which was won by Amway by the way.

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  1. apa product by usana yg paling top?klu mcm elken spirullina dia..n usana?..btw..i fall in love with ur blog…nice photos,i like it


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    Paling top is the Essential, it act as multivitamin. consisting of 2 botttles. Satu bottle all the vitamin (i.e vitamin a,b,e,c etc) and the other bottle all the minerals (i.e. zinc, magnesium, iron etc).

    Basically USANA is a celullar nutrition. it helps to repair the damage cell2 in our body.thus it is not an over nite process to baik pulih all the cell2.. with the world changing, there are more toxin in the air, water we drink n food we take. skrang sume gune baja our food. ayam pun sume kena suntik, which easily causes our cell badan byk rosak due to the pollution and food we consume. Wwell basically, not all the nutrition our body needs we get from our daily food intake. (lagi2 org yg tak mkn sayur cam i..hihi.) so u will need extra supplement to help compliment your food diet intake. once ur body equip with enuff nutrition baru it can
    perform at its optimum level, insyaAllah.

    And it was this Essential that specifically won The Brand Laureate Awards under category Best Brand in Wellness: Advanced Nutritional Product

    You cam email me if u have further enquiries, it can be lengthy if i were to explain it all here =)

    And oh, happy to know you like the photos in my blog, thanks 😉


  2. Salam, Munirahi.. Love your blog.. very casual sharing..
    Love your comments about USANA as well, myself being a loyal consumer 🙂
    Are you a consumer only or also an Associate of USANA ?


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