Potty Training Mode

By on May 31, 2010

I did tweet this and do a fb shout out last night, and i just couldnt stop myself from jotting it down here.

Yesterday, before going out i got hArith to go to the loo. He sat there for awhile but did not urinate. I told him to hurry up and he said “cannot come out, penis is asleep”


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Lesson learnt

By on May 28, 2010

Last week was our fourth time bringing the kids for a drive to witness the food distribution to the homeless in KL. Each time we made a trip i explained to the kids what is the scenario all about. About the homeless. It is always hArith who showed interest AND concern.

And as some of you might already know, hArith loves domestic work, especially cooking. The other day he was having  his lunch, a bowl of chicken soup and a plate of rice with other lauk. He then started playing “masak2” with the food, scooping the rice into the soup bowl, stirring it and imagining that he was cooking. In usual case, he will ended up NOT eating the food.

So I reminded about him about the value of food

“hArith do you remember what we see in KL at night”

“people no home”

“where do the sleep?”

“on the road”

“do they have a bed?”

“no, sleep on paper” ” ppl no baju, open baju”

“why they took off their baju” (and he answer this based on his observation, i never point out on these details)

“open baju because hot” “no air-tond (air-cond)” “no kipas” “no lampu” “dark….hot”

(i was almost laughing coz looks like aircond is rather important for him, not just fan)

“do they have food?”

“no, very hungly (hungry)”

conversation stop there and i continue eating  my food. the next minute i realised that he ate all his food, plate n mangkuk all licin, he was carrying his plate n bowl to the sink in the kitchen.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to create the awareness of syukur to an almost 3 years old. Yes he do have empathy towards the homeless

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Fresh from the oven

By on May 21, 2010

My phone alarm rang this morning for Subuh, i was about to off it and notice i have a msg. Wan Munirah text me last nite (which i did not notice) saying that she already gave birth yesterday evening and wish to take up my Special Delivery:Fresh From the Oven package. I replied n inform her i’m available and will go over to bangi after i ship off the kids to school.

I reached at Annur Bangi at 9:40 and managed to capture the newborn photos. Yes, although only limited shots can be taken in the hospital but these few photos are among the most precious in a baby’s life. The very early hours/days of their life. Not that we only get to capture the baby’s photos but also the proud parents. Their fresh look after giving birth, enduring pain after long hours.

However, i was rather impressed to see Wan Munirah looked very radiant, and apparently the reason being coz they now have a baby boy after 3 gals! =D

And final photo shall be the photo of the proud parents 😀

Congratulations to Wan Munirah and family!

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On Banana

By on May 20, 2010

My two boys love banana sooo much. They can really eat banana. Even uZAir can actually eat those big pisang montel , two all by himself.

The other day we were out of banana and he wanted it so badly. he went to the fruit basket i the kitchen and kept asking for it. He started crying after i showed him the basket is empty. Since syauQi was out playing badminton i gave him a call, to ask him to get some bananas on the way home. thus he cut short his badminton session

while packing his stuffs, a friend ask;

fren: going home?

syauQi: ya, my wife called.

fren: y?

syauQi: she wants banana.

fren: *@!#(@!)&@(#!@#)!  (read: confused)

syauQi: ohhh no no! she called saying my son wants banana, asked me to buy some on the way home.


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