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A Letter from A Simple Guy (read:Homeless)

May 17, 2010

Some time back i mentioned about the project my mom and her friends are doing, the Pertiwi Soup Kitchen. Last night was my second night witnessing the homeless queuing up to get their meal. The first time iwent, i didn’t get down to help with the food distribution. syauQi and i brought all 3 kids for a drive in which we stayed in the car and witness the food distribution from far. It was indeed and eye opener to both of us. Yesterday, i suggested to syauQi to go for a drive again, brought another friend of mine who was interested to volunteer. This time around, the crowd have increased coz the Soup Kitchen team have identified another area of homeless, which is the Kota Raya. They sleep in the open space, with cardboard as their matress. While queuing up for their food, most of them were holding their ‘matress’. if was drizzling, therefore they haven’t set up their sleeping area, thus the cardboard in their hands. This time around, kids were in the car with syauQi while i took the opportunity to help with the food distribution.

One of the homeless actually wrote a letter to the Soup Kitchen:

12th May 2010

The Management


63, Jalan SS3/53,

Taan Suabng

47300 Petaling Jaya,


Dear Sir / Madam,


I, on behalf of all the receipients of your free dinner (though without their knowledge) write to extend our heartiest appreciation to your esteem organissation for the good deed of giving out free dinner packs four times a week to the less fortunate, both young and old at the above mentioned location. Yours truly is one of the privileged reciepients and we are thankful that we dont have to go to slepp on those nights on an empty stomach, thanks largely to kind hearted people like you. This is especially vital to humanity in a word who doesnt really care. Most importantly, you came right to us to deliver the good stuff at our dorrsetps, so to speak, eliminating walking distance which really a chore , especially the elrderly where some other NGO collection centre are based. This kind act is indeed a blessing. Need i add anymore!

You may not know of other NGO’s in the Klang Valley who give out free dinner packs during the week. We are satisfied with all the NGO’s schedule with food almost everyday of the week in the evenings except on one day in the week whereby no NGO has venture forward to distribute a fre dinner pack yet that is on a Thursday. This is one day when those without funds to buy a dinner will go to bed hungry. Hence we appeal to your kind organisation to consider giving out a free dinner pack on this particular day of the week. We understand this request may be to taxing and will put a strain on your financially and also manually, but we hope against hope you may be able to overcome all obstacles to make it a reality as we know you do have the clog, means and power to do so. Nevertheless, if this request is too difficult to fullfil we will not hold it against you , as it is you have already achieved and done so incredibly well. If this is the scenario I suggest you can then skip one of the 4 days on schedule and shift it to Thursday instead. I propose the day to be Monday as we do have another NGO giving out free dinner packs at 2100hrs at the Klang Bus Station on Monday night which clashed with your schedule on that day. In the same breadth we dont want to be obsessed as it may jeopaardise our health. We wanna live forever, dig?

No matter what your decision will be on this matter , we hope you dont see this as being disrepectdul and hope you’ll still continue to carry on your charitable deeds, as usual cause believe me, a whole lot of people depends on your food to survive. Honest!!!

Inparting, we take our hats off to all the people in Pertiwi, from the top management, to the staff, the helpers/ volunteers, sponsors and all those who are involved in one way or another in making our day a good one every time you come around us.

May the Gods bless you all.

Yours sincerely,

A simple guy

yes, its pretty amazing aight the guy wrote such a proper letter. these group of ppl are the able body but homeless. cost of living is simply too expensive for them to get a shelter. perhaps u hv seen b4 old men n women collecting recycle cans n papers from public dustbin to earn some money, they are among the homeless. spoke to one of them working as parking attendance.

if u notice in the letter, he mentioned about delivering the food packs to their doorstep. yes they call it their home.

would like to call out to all compassionate souls to come fwd. Any amount donation is most welcome , even if its rm50, and if u can mAke it as a monthly contribution to ensure the sustainability of this effort.

* Donations for Pertiwi Soup Kitchen are tax-exempted. Only RM2 to feed 1 homeless person per night. U can donate any amount u wish. Each night we go out we feed 200 people. That amounts to RM400 per outing. U can pay to PERTIWI.
RHB Bank Acc No: 2-14035-10201591 here’s the number to call 01223 63639

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  1. kat ne nak bank in?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    Donations for Pertiwi Soup Kitchen are tax-exempted. Only RM2 to feed 1 homeless person per night. U can donate any amount u wish. Each night we go out we feed 200 people. That amounts to RM400 per outing. U can pay to PERTIWI.
    RHB Bank Acc No: 2-14035-10201591 here’s the number to call 01223 63639


  2. a simple homeless guy actually wrote that? then he must be well educated..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yup, amazing aight for him to write such a proper letter (shame on me)
    some may be educated but less fortunate in getting proper job.


  3. did he wrote it in English? *amazed*


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yes he did, that was his exact word. i retype his letter


  4. i will spread this to my colleagues. we will donate.



    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yes please, do spread the words around to you colleagues. would really appreciate that, thanks


  5. oh wow….his english is very good. impressive betul. unfortunate ek…I’ll spread the words to others on donation.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yup mmg english good kan, very impresssive. thanks for spreading the words around. if nk donate can giv the number a call, will issue a resit as it is tax exempted


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