June 20, 2010

Been pretty occupied and no mood to update my blog lately though i have few pendings entry. I dont know where to start, can’t even think of a title for this entry.

Don’t feel like blogging due to some reason and at this point i do feel that soon my blog need a new name.

What do you think of TRIPLETSandMORE ? 😉

psst, anyone did entry on my kids’ bday? do share me the link plz 🙂

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  1. btol??nih mesti berjangkit amik gamba newborn byk nih..congrats in advance!hehe


    n33za Reply:

    dear..i teringat mak bidan penah ckp..kalau nk bg senang mengandung,bg newborn kencing kat kite..hahaha…teringat incident mase photography session arituh..


  2. Hye munirah! Love the new blog tittle and congrats!!! :))
    owh! Btw, me love to see pics on ur kids bday party! Pls.. Pls.. Blog about it.. Hehehe… Tak sabar tau nak tunggu entry party u.. I dpt tgk satu pic preview by yaya.. Itu pun dah buat i teruja dah.. Ahahaha… Can’t wait to see more!! xoxo


  3. Congrats and triplets and more sound good too.

    I’m waiting for your entry about ur triplets birthday party as i didn’t bring my camera that day… no picture means no entry sebab susah nak explain thru words…


  4. Congratz Dear 🙂 Take Care yeah….
    p/s: terkenan syafiq kot masa ambik pic hr tue kot hehehehe….


  5. if you are what we are thinking you are…Congrats dear!!

    Wahhh the weaning off really meant something eh?

    Alhamdulillah, this is great news!


  6. Congrats Munirah dear, can’t wait to for your latest addition, hope you’ll have a pleasant journey this time around just the right timing I guess with your kids weaned and all..


  7. I stumbled your blog masa I was bloghopping and baca all your previous entry sampai time u gave birth to ur triplets.

    And I love reading your blog now and can’t stop.

    You’re expecting? Waaa….congratulations….


  8. wah…congrats munirah. really adore you how i wish i can be sehebat you. i jaga dua ni pun dah termengah2 tak terbuat keja2 lain. btw happy birthday to ur twins ..i miss the party.


  9. congrats! (i’ve read the other latest entry), and the new blog name is a good one (considering in future you might have more coming ke kan..)


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