June 25, 2010

Hi all, sorry for the long hiatus. blame it on the hormones. Thanks for all the well wishes. Well it may come to a shock to some of you upon hearing im pregnant, to be honest even syauQi  and i were extremely shock. It took me 30mins to digest the urine pregnancy test thingy. I stared at it for a complete 30 mins before leaving the bathroom and break the news to syauQi. We thought we stop at three, but looks like accident do happen i guess (as what the doctor put it)

I was so happy when i managed to wean off all three ( from bottle and wean uZAir from breastfeed), i get to sleep longer hours at night since they weaned off. no more hassle of basuh n sterlize botol susu, no longer need to bring hot water and such to bancuh susu when we go out as the kids now drink packet dutch lady milk. no more basket full of bottles, bottle liquid soap and such whenever travel jauh balik kampung… 

And what i was looking forward most was travelling. as the elder two is already 3 and uzair turning 2 we no longer need to follow the “one infant to one adult” policy. so it was already possible to travel the two of us with the 3 kids.

But looks like now everything is back to square one 😉 Takpe, rezeki anak kan, alhamdulillah 😀 lets hope we will be getting another gal to complete the set, 2 gals n 2 boys, insyaAllah

I remembered i had difficulty to conceive before, after 1 1/2 year we were blessed with the triplets. then after 4 months i gave birth to the triplets, Allah blessed us with uZAir. and now another rezeki. Alhamdulillah. I have PCOS but alhamdulillah although still with my irregular period, yet i still conceived. My last period was in February actually.

This time around, the pregnancy wasnt as easy as uZAir’s. it is almost as difficult as the 1st pregnancy. (no it is just single pregancy this time) i cant even look at rice. Havent been eating proper lately. Yes that was the issue of gastric that i had been complaining about. Pregnancy —> no appetite in food (hardly eat anything) —> gastric . Innitially i did suspect i was pregnant, did the test (not early i the morning though) and it showed negative. Then as days passed by, gastric became worst i knew i had to start eating proper meal, but each time i look at the rice i just dont feel like eating it. After a week or so, syauQi mentioned to me about doing the test. I didnt tell him though that i already do it earlier on. So this time around i did it early morning bile bgn for subuh. The line wasnt that clear, which ended up me staring at it for 30mins not sure positive or not. I suspect bcoz it is still early to sbb line not so clear.

Came out frm the bathroom to wake syauQi up for subuh:

“you, subuh”





(case tido lmbat tgk bola)

“uuuu, subuh!!!!”


“uuuu, i pregnant” (dgn suara yg perlahan)

immediately woke up, sat down “haa, ape? betul keee?!!”

he thought i was joking to get him up from bed, he asked for bahan bukti, and there goes both of us ternganga.

been wanting to update an entry on my kids bday party. but i dunno why, each time i wanna go tru the photos trus mata berpinau jadi pening.

meanwhile, there are few bloggers have made and entry on it, you can click on their link =)

if there’s anyone else that made an entry on the birthday, do inform me plz. the hormones is stopping me from blog hopping lately 🙁

to everyone, again thanks for the well wishes. sorry i did not respond to it individually, again blame it on the hormones. each time tgk computer sure nk temuntah… 🙁

hmm, looks like we r not stopping at 3…

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  1. [New Post] Looks like we r not stopping at 3 – via #twitoaster


    anitaazizan Reply:

    @munirahpunye awwww. CONGRATS dear!! take good care of yourself ok, momma! #4 is otw!? fuhh! lucky you! 😀


    munirahpunye Reply:

    @anitaazizan yup #4 odw, sounds a lil bit crazy aight, hihi


    okinokiyo Reply:

    @munirahpunye munirah congratsss hehehe


    timmysuhaimi Reply:

    @munirahpunye congrats. Looks like its gonna be triplets plus 2?


    hajarhakim Reply:

    @munirahpunye following ur blog..really BIG CONGRATS!!! 🙂


  2. Kak Munirah..Akak memang hebat!! Saya anak teruna sorang pon dah rasa mencabar..macam mana akak deal dengan your 3 adorable kids and going to be 4 very soon..I really adore you..Anyways, Congrates kak!!


  3. munirah…makannn!!! jgn xmakan!! (hehe..reminder utk hari ni).

    btw, kirim salam sikit kat iswatie. xblh nak comment la kat blog dia. i saw dj’s picture yg dia amik masa party hari tu (from the link u gave above). si kenit tu kalau org lain amik gambar dia kemain lg boleh senyum, kalau mama dia nk amik gambar mula la buat muka malas nak layan dia…


  4. wsalam mye…hehehe..awat yg x leh comment inside my blog? itu budak mmg sengih habis tgk i…

    okeih munirah… happy for u…..rezeki tuh….mcm i pun..i think i stop with 2 but somehow mcm mana teringin no 3 lak…heheh….take ur time…mmg mcm i ari tuh 4 months..benda yg paling i alah is my own blog..nasib la blog…tuan ko ko jd mangsa…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    u sbb teringin number 3. i ni x plan pun. tetiba ha buat urine test positive. tu tekejut sbb mmg x plan


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