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My kids | Malaysia Children Photography

July 28, 2010

Yay, my nausea is getting better. But it has not made its total dissapearance. Im still having problem with eating and such. But i notice that i will tend to eat whenever i go majlis orang. Hmm, kena attend more majlis ni, but prob is im not in the mood to socialize n miggle around.

Anyway, since i havent update my blog lately with photos of my kids, decided to put random photos of them today.

athirAh pantang nampak air nowadays. sedar2 u’ll hear noises in the bathroom, she dah bukak all her baju and already in the shower. and most of the time she’ll be busy scrubbing the toilet bowl too. And there will days that someone will be very unlucky coz she ended up using org punye toothbrush! she used the toothbrush for hard to reach corners,so smaller brush easier to now all toothbrushed need to be placed high above the bathroom cabinet

the minute any of the door opens, she will run out cari air kt luar pulak. if the pool ade air takung cinonet setakat air hujan pun she will jump in. or even if its air they main smlm yg penuh dgn rumput rumpai, she will still jump in

hArith is really into football now. i do feel that he looks like a big boy in the photos below. bday diorang the other day he dpt goal post, so syiok petang2 training bola with the dad. i have yet taken any photos of him during his training session with the dad.

hArith pulak pantang dapat garden hose, he’ll be either busy watering the plants or washing the car. Hmm maybe one day we can open up car wash for charity…hihi

he is very thorough in washing the cars. mmg boleh melambung bil air. satu tayar ntah brapa lama die basuh.

and prob is when he starts washing one car, he’ll go to the next car. ended up nak wash 3 4 kereta. imagine how long that takes. and will ended up screaming crying when we call it a stop.

and this boy, im having problem to get him to brush his teeth. tgk lah gigi die…

and this boy can really eat. well talking about eating habit, alhamdulillah all my kids can really eat. and i need not worry about them getting hungry coz sume dah reti cari food sendiri. athirAh has no problem panjat cabinet amiq biskut. or even panjat cabinet bukak periuk nasi to take rice. if takde lauk pun no prob, she’ll be happy to eat just plain rice. uZair on the other hand, will panjat his high chair as an indication “i want food”. my kids have in between snack quite often, fruits lah, biscuit and such. and the best part im happy with them is that they have no prob eating veggie. they even take spicy food

look at uZAir, sempat lagi nak makan before joining the bro and sister splashing water in the “pool”. the minute he saw bro n sis were outside, he quickly run out with his bowl of cereal (without milk)

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  1. cute! babe, u blh bukak car wash la.. mmg teliti habis la harith cuci kete.. hahahaha…. lps ni kete aunty plak yea… hhihihi….

    rajin betul anak dara u cuci toilet! u sgt untung… 😀


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ha, meh bawak ur car sini ptg2 =)


  2. dah besar dah budak2 ni.. cute.. my lil boy pun susah nak gosok gigi, dah nmpa ada gigi dah nak rosak, syg, gigi baru kuar dah mcm2 warna dah.. hehe


  3. must get 50mm lens faster aaa… i like most of the pictures especially harith cuci kereta. tapi i memang suka harith pun sebab muka dia ada 1001 expression!


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ha 50mm lense tu dh macam “wajib” hihi
    tp yg ni i rase byk gune kit lense


  4. ye munirah,
    depa semua dh besar n growing so well..then, you don’t have to much worry about having another, more n more pun.. 🙂

    I’m referring to your prev entry about how did you n hubby survived..

    me lain sikit dgn u,
    mine, 1st daughter 17jun07, 2nd boy 20jan09, now, waiting for the third edd 4nov2010..hahaha..
    rapat juga, but me setakat ni belum dpt kembarla..

    sgt gembira tau tgk harith n athirah itu- yup bila kenangkan kembali saat mula2 dulu kan..


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