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Kids Baking : Part I

By on August 31, 2010

Each time i did baking, it will be hArith yg beria nak help me out while my gal will be nicely seated infront of the tv. She will only make her appearance when she started smelling cookies are already out of the oven. She’ll be running to and fro to get the cookies and back to the sofa infront of the tv, busy munching away. In most cases, the first 3 trays baked will go into their mouth. Only the 4th tray i could start keeping it in the tupperware.

Here’s hArith helping me out , scooping flour into the mixture

This was before i cut his hair, his hair was poking his eye and my sis ended up putting hairclip at his hair, haha

helping out with the jam,

and the best part was hArith happily volunteered to clean up the mess as well 😀

oh btw, im not too sure name of this cookie, got the recipe from hanah’s friend; syoozy. sadly my texture is not as perfect as hers. but taste the same though 😉

So far hArith’s fav is the choc chip cookies, coz he’ll ended up eating the hersyes’ choc instead of putting in the bowl. and also since he like it so much, the choc chip cookies are really fully loaded with the choc chip as he insists on pouring the whole package instead of using the proper measurement by cups. so yes, we have a fully loaded choc chip in the dough, real generous amount of hersyes’ choc chip.

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By on August 27, 2010

been wanting to update about my kids but i find it dull to have an entry without photos. unfortunately my pc gone kaput, i usually organize my photos in pc instead of laptop coz there’s no photoshop oh my laptop.

gonna need to install photoshop here real soon so i can update on the kids activities, mainly their painting session and harith cookies baking session. yes harith enjoys baking kuih raya with me 😉

will update real soon ya

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Guideline / Manual in Raising your Kids

By on August 23, 2010

Couple of weeks back, i received a msg from my friend;

” Hanim…i nk ngadu ni…huhu ;-( i’m mentally n physically drained ni…Penat jaga my son, pastu newborn lak mengada manja je…I terpikir camane u boleh jaga ur childrens masa they sakit yek? Mesti susah”

Upon reading her sms, i could feel her. Her son is 3 years and a newborn 2 months plus tak silap. I immediately press on the reply button to reply her msg, but as i was about to type my sms, i suddenly realised i didn’t have an answer to it. Seriously, i didn’t.  I didnt know how to answer to the question “how do u handle your kids”. There isn’t any manual, guideline or Standard operating procedure for it. We handle a minute at a time, one mess at a time. Takyah lah jenuh nk piki siang nanti camane yer, just think of the very next minute cukup, yes a minute at a time.

When people asked me how do i put all 3 to sleep, again i have no answer to it. Every nite is different, I tackle one child at a time. Depending who looks more sleepy than the other. After one sleep, will go to next child, again depending who looks sleepy. So every nite will be a different pattern. And for bedtime, mmg org lain tak laku except for me. There’s no way they will sleep if someone else were to put them to bed. So i’ll be surrounded by all 3 on the bed. But honestly, with the newborn later i really have no idea, clueless how to put all 4 to sleep…hmm…

Last week, we had syauQi home the entire week, the kids bedtime when haywire. Now that syauQi is away for a week, im having a hard time putting them to bed. i really dont know where my kids get their energy. The other night, the 2 boys slept almost 1am, woke up 9-ish and no nap during the day time but yet i had problem puting them to sleep the following nite. Uzair ended up sleeping slightly pass midnite, (after a great battle with him! – lights were off but he was still jumping up and down to the music thats already in his heart; The Wiggles of coz). Gosh, where do they get their energy. Even if they were to take their nap, it will be just 30 mins and that would keep them wide awake at night.

Anyway, back to the sms above, i told syauQi and asked him “hmm camane nk jawab you, how do we do it?” Ended up syauQi pun dont know wat to answer, so he suggested to reply to the sms with words of encouragement, asking her to hang in there. Well, look on the bright side, nanti anak dh besar, we can have our Me Time all to ourselves. (provided i really stop at 4 kids lah kn, hihihi)

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Pregnancy and Fasting

By on August 17, 2010

Alhamdulillah i managed to fast since first day of ramadhan . It is indeed a miracle so far, if tak puasa tu asal lambat makan je i will feel like gastric and if i further delay in eating surely ended up headache and vomitting, perut n kepala dah masuk angin. But alhamdulillah, so far fasting ni no problem in having the gastric feeling. well no doubt ade lah rase lapar but it is the common lapar during puasa not those gastric like of hunger.

The first day sahur, i tried not to think about vomiting and such, i confidently ratah lauk (ikan to be specific – yes i still cant take rice) and drank a mug of milo. everything was perfect till i took my supplement. The minute i drank water to take my folic acid, bluerrghhh…i vomited everything out. and that was just couple of mins before subuh. . Basically all i had for sahur was gone, but i knew i had to give it a try.

At 2pm, i felt hungry and decided to take a nap since syauQi was around to help with the kids, i woke up coz kids were screaming n yelling, i was hoping it was already 430pm at least..hahah. but was surprise to see it was not even 230pm yet.

At 4pm we left to hunt for all the food i teringin, hahaha. Alpukat juice form sAri Ratu, jco crown oreo at giant, and kuih tepung pelita n gula melaka frm pasar ramadhan. mmg kena jeling ngan syauqi…kikik

i ended up bukak puasa with my alpukat juice, and 2 tepung pelita (kuih gula melaka tak jumpe) and my tummy felt so tight already after eating 2 kuih and drank the juice.

2nd day, i dare not eat any lauk, had sald with dressing and drank plain water. Alhamdulillah 2nd day was a smooth one despite kuih for berbuka and just salad for sahur.

And so far, i break my fast with kuih mainly and sahur also with kuih with bread or such. but nothing heavy, coz takut kang muntah. and another thing, i must make sure i take my wudhu’ before eating coz if i were to take my ablution after eating, entering the bathroom will trigger me to vomit. so i hafta avoid entering the bathroom after my meal. and also at times kena solat subuh duduk, if i get up and down (diri, ruku’ n sujud) that can cause me to muntah jugak.

Yesterday, went for my gynae check up, i was kinda worried the past week coz i havent been eating and weight tak naik2. Our weighing machine rumah dh kaput, although i didnt weigh myself but i just knew it im not gaining any weight. At the check up, it showed that i’m 41.5kg. no weight gain at all.

Alhamdulillah, everything was okay, it was a beautiful sight hearing to the baby’s heartbeat, masyaAllah and baby is growing accordingly.

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Kids conversation

By on August 10, 2010

Few recent conversation with the kids:

athirah: mOmmy!

mommy: (didnt acknowledge coz was busy sending sms)

athirAh: mOmmy! mommy!

mommy: (still ignoring)

athirah: oh WAKE UP mOmmyyyy!!!!!!

*hahah, athirah reckon i was daydreaming…kikiki

hArith suddenly just realised the father ade bulu kaki

hArith: pApa, wats this?

papa: bulu kaki.

hArith: bulu kaki?

papa: yes, later when u grow up, men will have bulu kaki, go see Tuk Ki. Tuk Ki also have bulu kaki

and later hArith came back…

mOmmy: Tuk Ki got bulu kaki or not?

hArith: got 🙂

mommy: pah?

hArith: no, pah got vagina only. gal got vagina.

mommy: a&(@!@(#*)!@#(

previously harith will associate any pink stuff with gal. he will say something like this “pink for gal, gal got vagina not penis” but yesterday he decided to cut his sentence short. ” pink for vagina” ( while pointing to a pink toy) <— mommy became speechless.

*those who wish to have USANA Nutrimeal for bulan ramadhan, postage is on me for the first week of Ramadhan! Hurry!!*

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