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Hotel / Villa in Bali

August 7, 2010

I have few people asking me how did i go about choosing the accomodation in Bali. Well, i didnt go tru any travel agent, i did everything via online. All you have to do perlu rajin surf the net. And after few clicks on google, u’ll ended up rambang mata, dont knwo which one to choose coz all of it looks good, hihi.

What i did basically was to type Villa Bali in google. if u wish to stay at hotel, then do type Hotel Bali. You’ll ended up getting a list of 3rd party website on all villas n hotels in bali

*click on the photo for a better view

*opss ignore the transfer photo box dialog on it

then choose any of it, or u can go tru all one by one if u have the time. i’ll take the first one just to show an example

from this web, u may narrow down based on ur preference. (i.e  location, how many bedrooms) . Say if The Ulin Villa attarcts your attention, u then click on it and go through what they have to offer and also their online rate.

Wait, it doesnt end there. What you do next is to google for The Ulin Villa official website from google.

At times the previous website gives better rate. while there are cases when u go direct to the resort, u’ll get better rate. But dont stop here, try pressing you luck by email-ing the admin of the villa. Enquire if they have any special offer. Or if they have corporate rate (mention the name of ur company). Or u can also bargain for some complimentary, such as spa discount perhaps 😉

i have actually made an entry on choosing your accomodation here, hope with the screen shot, it explains better.

as for the transport;

From Malaysia i emailed Sofiyan:

Tapi bila kat sane, the driver that was assigned to us was Shahrul:

So up to you nk contact sape. Nak trus sms pun bleh. When I first email Sofiyan, die trus called me. Efficient kan..takyah nk tunggu lame berbalas email.

Nway, we used Suzuki APV and the daily rate was 350,000rupiah. Comfortable enough for 5 adult and my 3 lil ones. But that rate was last year, not to sure of this year’s rate.

The drivers are muslim, so it was easy when we wanted to search for halal food. and also bile cari tempat nak solat.

hope my info helps 😉

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  1. Ulin Villa nih mmg cantik..but syg waktu kitaorg nak gi tuh dah fully booked…….best kan gi Bali but apa kan daya….mmg x leh nak gi lagik…kang ada lagik tragedy checkin hopital lak…sobbb


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    byk other villa yg lebih kurang camtu tp kt area kuta xde sgt, situ space limited kot tu byk hotel je kt kuta. i mase gi 1st time mmg balik tu kena admit hospital tp beranikn diri pegi lagi. tp 2 nd time pegi i make sure x mkn seafood yg bakar2 kt jimbaran. i mkn yg masal betul2. coz after mkn kt jimbaran yg mlm tu sakit perut. balik masuk hosp doc kate viral fever. tu i suspect seafood bakar tu pasir2 kt keranf sume tu x bersih betul2.


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