20 weeks – TRIPLETS plus ONE

20 weeks

September 15, 2010

Im entering my 20th week of pregnancy, so thats basically 5 months preggie aight? Will be seeing the doctor today for a detailed scan. Hope to be able to see the gender later. I can still remember, during 1st pregnancy…we had like a looonnng list of names, gal and boy despite not knowing the gender yet. But when it comes to uZAir, we didnt have a list at all. After giving birth, we called him Ahmad for the first couples days as we dont have any name for him yet, coz for sure it will be Ahmad something, so ended up calling him Ahmad…i think after the 4th or 5th day we came out with the name uZair. We were considering Bazli at first.

And this time around, i think it will be the same thing, even if we know the gender…we wont be having list of names like the first pregnancy. Oh btw, what sadden me is that those books with Islamic names, the meanings are not all correct. I remembered when we wanted to choose a name for uZair, we had to cross out few names as the meaning in the book differ than the real meaning. We refered to few arab native speaking ustaz, so they surely know the language well. Some of the names are not islamic origin actually. I was surprised to know, ade a name tu, the meaning is actually Naked! Yes naked!! We double checked with few arabic ustaz, and they confirmed the meaning is naked.oucchh

Hope everything goes well with my pregnancy, wondering whats my weight like, our weighing machine kt rumah kids pecah kn, so have to wait for check up to know my weight, have yet buy a new weighing machine.

Shall make prayers that everything goes well for me, insyaAllah

p/s: ideas for names are most welcome 😉

oh i was told entry tanpa gmbar boring, so here’s some unrelated photos, taken at Wow white studio b4 ramadhan

and ni activity weight lifting 16kg, hihi

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  1. ye laa…I suka nama Alif and Fitri but not meaningful , ke buku i tu je yg tade makna?? hhuhhuu


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    i rase Fitri ade maksud, nanti i double cek kn for u


  2. hi dear..da 5bulan ye..cepat je masa berlalu.

    btw,psl name tu.I pun br je tau few months ago yang dalam buku tak suma yang betul.bahaya oo.mana la tau orang skang ni malas nak double check main gune je.skali meaning nye tak baik.

    take care! 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah if i dgr org pregnant sure i pun rase camtu “eh dh nk due date dah” tp bile kite sendiri yg pregnant…fuh rase lame tul the 9 months nk berlalu…hihi
    tu lah yg pasal name tu byk buku sesuka hati. kadang menaning tu mmg betul tp bukan from islamic origin punye word.


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