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Kids Painting

September 1, 2010

As promised, one of the activities the kids did last week; painting. hArith been requesting for it and it was just ideal to have it since dear Azza was kind enough to get this table from carboot sale all the way from batu pahat. When i saw her tweeting about carboot sale, without further delay i replied. I requested her to hunt the little tikes table for me as i wanted to put it permenantly at our patio outsides. Save me from the hassle of bringing the table outside each time we want to have a painting session. Again, thank you azza for bringing it all the way from batu pahat, delivered it to my doorstop and her husband even help me fix it since syauQi was away. Thank you.

Here are some photos of the lil’ khalifah at work

Since its been awhile we did painting, the kids ended up with longer attention span doing it. After taking few shots, i managed to sneak out to buy dessert for break fast 😉

uZAir now sangat expert with my iphone,scrolling for his fav wiggles song in youtube. Need to charge my phone up to 3 times a day!

and this gal still does not allow us to tie her hair. we are lucky if we get to comb her hair after shower.  Our attempt to get a haircut for her also failed

and this was what happen after my attempt to cut hArith’s hair. remember the last time we brought him to A cut above, he struggled during the haircut session and the hairstylist ended up with a cut at her fingers. So this time around i tried doing it myself, though i have no idea how to cut his hair. My parents kate cam pakai tempurung a.k.a Temeggong Jugah. It took me an hour or so to cut his hair, trailing him everywhere. We even fought over the scissors. Gave him another scissors and he ended up busy cutting the grass while i cut his hair. That made it even more difficult coz he was moving and looking down all the time.

Most probably either this Thursday or Friday, there will be a shooting session with the kids. My parents AND syauQi feels that the haircut is not acceptable. So how do i get this boy to the shop to repair the “damage” i have done. Do u think this hair is acceptable for tv photoshoot?

wondering why there are without their tshirts? coz they refused to wear aprons and i could foresee that they will ended up doing body painting.

Check out athirAh’s hand

and when i reach home after getting dessert for iftar, her legs and nails were all painted. her nails were red as though she was using nail polish, hihi

Next entry will be on hArith baking raya cookies

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  1. munirah…

    may I know what type of painting colour that ur kids is using? I takut nak bagi my kids guna water colour yang ada kat kerteh ni jenis bancho je..hehe..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    dulu i beli kt craft shop mmg for kids tp now dh besar, diorang dh tak masuk mulut bagai i beli tempura paint, kt kedai alat tulis dpn umah ni je. sbb mase tu harith dok sibuk nk painting. so i lari ke kedai dpn umah i. and even better sbb murah…hihihi


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    oh btw yg i beli kt kedai alat tulis biasa tu agak cair the colours, kids tak berapa suke.
    i dh beli kt craft heaven OU. i beli botol besar skali gus, it was rm21.90 per bottle of 500ml. die ade jual in smaller pack but yg besar more value for money.
    lagi pun with 3 kids mmg cepat je abis kang, tu i beli yg besar trus. texture thick skit, nicer for finger painting


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