Lonia Homemade Chocolate – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Lonia Homemade Chocolate

September 16, 2010

I was clearing up my SD card and organizing the photos and i realised i had another entry i was supposed to do for my bday. It is the Lonia chocolate!

Mrs Imran surprised me with her homemade choc. I went over to her house to pick up my chocoflake cookies that i ordered, and suddenly saw her coming out frm her hse with another xtra box. Oh my, it was her homemade choc! Lucky me, dpt bday gift cum free sample 🙂

It was already nite time when i went to her house, the photos didnt do much justice. I had to take the photos immediately once i reach home coz my kids dah nak serang the chocs.

If u wish to have a personalised choc, dont hesitate to contact Mrs Imran. Some of us are bored with the cupcakes already…perhaps its time to give choc instead to ur love ones 🙂 and who can say no to chocs aight?

The choc was fully loaded with assortment of nuts, tak kedekut punye, almond seketul2…takde nye die potong2 cinonet2 nk saving

a close up of it after i break it into half

i “disect” all the nuts out 😉

here’s hArith eating the choc,

Researchers believe chocolate cravings have something to do with serotonin , a brainchemical that makes us feel relaxed. And also i heard chocolates releases endorphins, it is a stimulant that makes you happy.

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