Pre-Raya Part 2: Last batch of baking – TRIPLETS plus ONE
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Pre-Raya Part 2: Last batch of baking

September 15, 2010

hArith just love  baking, on the last day of Ramadhan we had another baking session, this time around we bake some cookies to give to our relatives; my aunts in particular. hArith seems to get hold of this baking session pretty well. Need less supervision. He knows what needed on the table, will search for it in the drawers and bring it to me before i mentioned it (i.e measuring cup, spatula, spoons and such)

Now i just need to measure the flour, egg and butter and hArith will pour it into the mixer. He loves to sift the flour and now it get less messy when he does it.

And this is like heaven to him, opportunity to use the lesung batu, usually when tumbuk cili he is not allowed to get near it afraid the chili goes into his eyes…but this time around he got all excited bout crunching the cornflakes.

Look at his big grin 😀

And this is the part where hArith became the most generous person on earth, instead of using the measuring cup he would insists on pouring all.  We are suppose to have like 2 cups of hersyes’ choc but we usually ended up with 4 – 5 cups of hersyes’ choc in the dough.

Yup, fully loaded choc chips

and yet when he stirs it, he would be telling me that he need more choc chip for the dough, it aint enough

and then the nicely crushed cornflakes

(n i just realised i dont have photo of the chop almonds poured into the dough)

and here are the cookies once out from the oven. I need to take over placing the dough onto the tray or else we ended up getting various size of cookies. I allowed hArith to do so if it is meant for us to eat, but since these were meant to be given away, i decided to take over.

*two nites ago, at 10pm hArith came to me and said  “mOmmy jom do cookies!” and i was like “whatt?? its bedtime dear”

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