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Prof CT Lim in d house!

October 14, 2010

Two weeks back, we went to my friend’s open house. Her sister happen to be one of the doctor in the SCN (Special Care Nursery – PPUM) team. Yes, she was there when hArith n athirAh spent months in the hospital, fighting to survive for their life. As we entered the house, we were surprised to see Prof CT Lim there (Prof leads the SCN team). After seeing him every single day for four months, we build a good relationship with him. Our kids still go to him for their paeds madical check up. Initially when we go for their follow-up check up at PPUM, the chances of seeing him was rather slim, it will be any random paeds doctor that will do the check-up, thus we decided to register our kids at the UMSC to enable us to see Prof CT Lim personally.

Coincidently, we had a lil gift for Prof and was just telling syauQi we should pay him a visit the following week. But since we bump into him, we tried our luck to invite him over to our house (since ourhouse is just 5 mins away from my friend’s house) To our delight, he agreed. Wahhh it was such an honour to have him as our guest.

Funny thing was, when Prof entered the house, suddenly hArith asked “mane telinga doctor?” I thought Prof’s hair was long that it covered his hair, but nope his ears wasnt covered. So i asked hArith for some clarification on his question. Again he said “mane telinga doctor? Then it triggered to me….ohhhh he was asking mane doctor’s stethoscope, hahah. He associate doctor with a stethoscope since every check up doctor will use that to check on him.

Prof stayed for tea for more than an hour or so, he saw the true colours of my kids behaviour and activities. Kids and syauqi managed to take a quick snap with Prof

hArith (760gram) and athirAh (600gram), born at 26 gestation weeks: one of Prof success story 😀


Prof is such an observant man, each time die buat rounding, bukan je nurse, i pun kecut perut skali, making sure my nails are really short, no rings , bracelet or watsoever. If not sure kena tegur. Malu wo kena tegur. By the look at it, mcm die tgk sekali arung je at the babies, but no he actually sees every single detail. cadar katil budak tak tegang pun nurse kena woo. I remembered one of the days i asked him “Prof, how’s my kids’ progressing” and he answered ” you tell me, since u sit here longer than i do, i only come for couple of minutes and leave but as a mother i see that you sit by your kids for hours, so what do you see?” hihihih. And we  had a casual discussion on their progress and suprisingly my observation “report” was correct 😀

Oh and as usual, athirAh will be doing her own stuff mase Prof ade. but bile Prof nak balik, i called her to say goodbye to Prof, dgn muka selenge nye she came to the front door and said “Bye doc!” wave her hand and pegi balik to the tv. Wah sukehati je panggil doc instead of doctor…haha

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  1. OMG my mum cerita i pun ngn dis Prof CT Lim jgk masa i kat PPUM! 😉 i ada pi UMSC wif my mum masa bln puasa arituh n my mum ckp alang2 tuh pi la jmpe Prof CT Lim, but masa tuh dh nk berbuka.. so tk smpat……


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    oh ye? yah he told me he is with the SCN dah 28 years 😀
    nanti if i pegi bwk my kids for next check up will mention bout u to Prof, another success story of his 😀


  2. hi munirah!

    remember me? i gave birth to a healthy baby boy about 3 weeks ago at 35 weeks. elok2 je lps stop amik progesterone shots (to avoid preterm labor), a few days later i terus in labor. alhamdulillah everything went well. skrg nih still adjusting with everything. my 2 other kids punye bedtime pun dah jd tunggang langgang. huhu..hopefully it will get easier..


    me Reply:

    oo btw, ur kids are adorable. i can’t help but feel amazed at how great they are doing. keep up the good work! 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    hi there, first of all, congrats on your newborn!!!
    but pardon me, mind refreshing my mind where did we meet. this pregnancy hormones mmg make me extremely forgetful this time around…sorry

    alhamdulillah to hear that your boy is healthy despite giving birth at 35weeks, wat was his weight then? i ni pun just cant picture how it will be later when i giv birth, i still cant think of kids’ bedtime arrangement, wat more newborn punye nap during the day. with the elder 3 later bingit and jump all about, im not too sure camane newborn nk tido siang hari…

    just like u said, we will just hope things get easier for us kan, insyaAllah. im sure Allah will guide us through it

    take care!


    me Reply:

    no worries, i understand 🙂 kite tak pernah jumpa pun..

    i’m the one yg pregnant with an iud still in place. i left a msg kat entry u psl that harsh comment on not using birth ctrl?

    my baby was about 2.7kg when he was born. quite big for a 35 weeks kan? tak masuk nicu pun, they just monitor him closely to make sure he don’t have problems. & the iud came out with him during the delivery. alhamdulillah, cannot be more thankful..

    i’ll pray for your health and well being. i’m sure it’s going to be a smooth ride onwards..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ohhh..yup2 i remember. we even chat bout ur iud situation. alhamdulillah everything went well for you. my kazen baru aritu cerita kawan die got pregnant with iud in her, tapi when gave birth tak dpt nak locate the iud, wallahua’lam ke mane it pegi.

    n yes, 2.7kg sound perfectly healthy for 35 weeks baby. do take care 😀
    n looking fwd to hear from you again

  3. Salam Munirah..
    I saw u with Harith at UMSC on Wed..
    It took me 2 days to recongnize ur face and this morning, terus popped up “owh yes, she’s from triplet plus one..;)
    my lil boy menangis nak join Harith main with his tool box on that day..

    neway nice meeting u..
    I’m meeting the lovely lady prof siti zawiah too..

    and the person up CT Lim among the best doc ever met..
    I dont have any prob with my 1st chld..but yet still jgak jumpa Prof CT Lim up to 18months check..
    he’s so gentle..we used to call him “atok”

    opps..sorry ter”komen” panjang u..;)


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ohh hii!!!
    yup i saw ur boy n did asked harith to ajak him main together but saw ur husabamd carried him away..i assume u were rushing home already.
    yup prof siti zawiyah is such a nice lady…macam mak2 kan..unlike some other gynae i penah pegi, so strict n firm looking, nk tanye question pun kite jd kecut perut…hihi

    n no doubt prof CT Lim is such a nice man, n yes i think mmg ramai yg panggil die “atuk”… he took care of my miracle babies; harith n athirah when they were in SCN for 3 n 4 months respectively. he is sooo pbservant, dulu if die dtg for his rounding i ade kt situ…wah kuku i pun die tgk panjang ke tak…hihi. cadar katil baby tak tegang pun nurse kena sound woo…tp die sound suara lembut je, yet cukup tuk buat all nurse kecut perut each time die dtg for his rounding

    nway, salam perkenalan 😀


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