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Toddlers' Crafty | Kids in Charge

By on November 27, 2010

It all started with patato stamping. syauQi keja that night so he need to get some sleep petang tu, thus i got him to cut the patato in few shapes so i can keep the kids occupied to avoid them from interrupting his sleep…

So yes it all started with patato stamping

and then it move on to foot stamping

their smiles n giggles were priceless, they find it rather ticklish getting their foot in the paint…

and went they wanted to walk on the paper to do their foot printing, they almost loose their balance, it was rather slippery…they took turn to see who managed to get their foot print done without any fall. I couldnt take much photo of it coz was monitoring them, afraid they fall head first.

After penat gelak tegolek bagai, they played with the paint again, he is one happy boy having the freedom to make a total mess with the paint

and my gal was busy making her own mess as well

She even got her face painted and painted hArith back…which later hArith baring on the paper for body stamping. Managed to get only one photo of the body stamping as i was monitoring them as well…

Tgh gelak besar….

And the end result…

not much of uZAir’s photo doing painting though as he is not that interested, he loves his “private beach” (read: sandpit). He spend most of his outdoors activities in the sandpit regardless hot or not. Sunbathing perhaps?

check out his white sandy beach 😉

and with all the mess, of coz they wont allow to walk in, they had their shower outside…lotsa body wash needed though…haha

(the only gmbar yg tgh that doesnt need to be censored..hihi)

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Moments by TRIPLETS Plus ONE

Fahim's 2nd Birthday: Newborn,Babies,Children & Family Photography | KL Malaysia

By on November 26, 2010

Last weekend, i left the kids’ with Daddy Day Care to cover a party photoshoot

It was a football theme birthday party,

Everything was decorated in accordance to the theme and guests came in with their fav team jersey…and as much as i guess, mostly in MU jersey… (im not a MU fan though, hihi)

psst, those lollichoc u see on the tables are from Lonia Choc 😉

The birthday boy,

Birthday boy tgh jerit “goooaaallll!!!!!”

yg ni lak, parents ajak ckp “goaaal” but bday boy bolayan…hihi

The cake cutting,

The cute montel guest :), (the lil’ ones i mean…hihi)

It was a lovely party with great food, everything look scrumptious!

Thanks to the lovely sisters for having me to Capture Moments for Lasting Memories 😀

They were lovely, even tapau-ed food and 3 goodie pack for my kids at home

Thanks again to the host

oh did i mentioned, they have shisha for the dads!

TRIPLETS plus ONE would like to wish Fath Ahmad Fahim hAppy 2nd Birthday!!!

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28 months sleeping hours?

By on November 25, 2010

Remember this post on their adjusted bedtime? Im still sticking to the rules i mentioned. But somehow uZair’s body dah immune to those rules. I have to shorten his nap from 1.5 hours to 1 hour BUT yet he is still active at night. The same method is working well with elder 2. Infact even if hArith exceed his 1 hour nap, he still have no prob sleeping by 8-ish pm.

Last night i thought i gonna have an early night coz uZAir did quite alot of energy-burning-activities. He woke up around 730am and left for school by 9am. We fetched him at 1230pm and headed straight to tesco with all 3 to do some groceries shopping. He fell asleep on the trolley and had a total of almost an hour nap. We came home almost 2pm and he had his lunch (2nd lunch for the day, he had his lunch meal at school already). By 330pm he was already out at the patio running and jumping bout on the trampoline. Came in and out every now n then. By 5pm he was in his sandpit and we decided to go over to my inlaws. We left the hse almost 6pm and the minute we arrived, all 3 jump into their tukwan’s wadding pool. Had bout 40 mins of water splashing, after a shower, continue running bout in the house while having his dinner and we head home about 715pm.

In tukwan’s wadding pool in which the kids requested for bubble in it, wah ingat bathtub kah mau bubble bath? Purposely didnt fill up the water full for safety reason.

He look rather sleepy so i thought he would doze off in the car, but oh boy i am wrong. Reached home, he was still actively jumping about. Yes,literally jumping high up on the bed as though he was on the trampoline. Lights off by 740pm. Elder two nicely tucked in and fell asleep by 830pm but he was still screaming n jumping.

Ended up sleeping at 11:15pm!!!

Where does the energy come from? No chocolate given during the day….

He is 28 months old, shouldnt he be getting more sleep than that?

So now i should stop him from having nap? I have cut from 1.5 hours to 1 hour but yet he is still full of energy like those bunny energizer…

Hope Allah will reward me in the Hereafter for all the hardwork and patience in raising these 3 toddlers ager 3 and below, insyaAllah. Ameen

Fuhh next year it will be 4 toddlers under the age of 4! Sounds crazy aight! Wish me luck!

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New Watermark

By on November 24, 2010

I wanna do a new watermark for my photography, need some suggestion here please…

What colour matches well with my current light turqoise?

Pink looks okay with it, any other colour besides pink?

I thank you in advance 😉

was giving this a try…is this okay or should i just change everything to a different colour?

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My Lil Caliphs Activties | Project


By on November 22, 2010

Hmm.. at times i feel that i have 3 boys instead of 2 boys and a gal.

This is her current obsession, wearing her brother’s swimming pants with no top. Does she look like a surfer, beachboy?

She will take the pants and wear it by herself and happily play outside…

n most of the time she is more boy-ish than her 2 brothers, she will always lead the way to do adventurous stuffs….

but lucky thing her fav colour is pink though 😉

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