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Islamic Kindergarten

November 16, 2010

Im searching for a new kindergarten for my kids, an Islamic English medium. Few recommended Genius Aulad, although i heard good review of the school but the branch nearest to my place is in Kota Damansara and their centre is a shop lot…im not keen coz i think for my kids’ age they need ground for outdoor activities.

2 weeks back, we went to CIC Open Day (Childr3n Islamic C3ntr3) wasn’t really happy with the school coz (no offence to those who send their kids’ there, this is a matter of personal preference):

1. the teacher to student ratio is 1:20. I think this is possible if the kids are 5 , 6 years old coz they have settled down. But 20 of uZAir to a teacher??

2. Its a bungalow house, so i asked max how many students you can take in, and the answer was 150 kids. I just can’t imagine 150 kids in that house

3. When husband asked does the teacher keep on changing? The teacher was being very honest telling me, most teachers are SPM leavers coz they can’t go anywhere with their qualification, thus they usually stay longer there as compared to degree holder, the turn over rate for degree holder are high coz they take that place merely as a stepping stone b4 getting a proper job.

4. And another major turn off was when we saw their meal menu, for snack in the morning, they serve alternately different drinks on different days; milo (still acceptable), tea (?) and tea susu (????) Are they for real serving 2, 3 year old boy tea and tea susu? Org tua minum tea pun bleh angin ni kan lagi budak. As for food, i saw cucur udang n cucur pisang among it. And for lunch i only saw half of monday menu, i was so shocked that i didn’t manage to read the rest of the menu before the teacher flip the pages; Nasi + TOM YAM AYAM

Any suggestion of Islamic English Medium Kindergarten? Was thinking of sending them to Itqan but they don’t take uZAir’s age and it will be a problem to send the kids at 2 different school in the morning.

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  1. Wsalam,

    i totally understand when u mentioned most of the school syllabus and programs are pretty impressive but are concerns with their execution and implementation. I’m having that dilemma now as i’m searching and surveying for primary integrated school for my elder 2. Im not keen with shop lots too. So far i have visited Integrated Islamic School Shah Alam in seksyen 19 and also Islamic GreenView.

    My Elder 2 are currently in Itqan kindergarten. and so far alhamdulillah im happy with the school, they are pretty efficient and organised. All memos will either be in the kids’ communication book or emailed to us. and always sms for follow up of the memo.In term of hygiene,I think even my house is not as dust-free as the school…hihi and i have no complain with their washroom too. I would say yes they are using english as their medium since just recently i realised bahasa melayu is a lil issue for my daughter. She cant really converse bahasa melayu when children of my frens come over. I know this is not something i should be proud of (yes im starting to be worried with her BM) but i guess, ya that proves they are using mostly english.

    Before Itqan, i did survey and visit other islamic school, in which most of it u have mentioned but what turn me off was their student : teachers ratio. And one of the school was because of the “Chinglish” but if im not mistaken, this year…Itqan started taking 3 years old but i’m not sure of the spot availability though.

    When we look at it, the primary islamic integrated school is not that cheap but it is sad to see they dont have proper infrastructure. a friend send her son to Sapura School , she said the fees is rm12k a year (not sure exact figure, im assuming she didnt include all the deposit and registration fees)…but look and how impressive the building is, and our islamic school is nowhere near. Even At-Tamimi Islamic School is about 15k a year.

    May Allah guide is all in raising these lil’ khalifah of ours


  2. ya i saw the bunting/banner of the school around KD but looking at the address it looks to me its at shoplots tu i tak gi survey coz mmg if boleh i taknk shoplots. i believe at age 3-6years its rather crucial for them to have ground to enable some outdoor activities.

    If im not mistaken dulu kejap je anak Wardina kat situ now her youngest masuk same school dgn the elder kids


  3. I had the same experience when I enrolled my twins daughter to Little Caliph 2 years ago. At first, I was contemplating whether to send my twins to islamic kindergarten or non-islamic, but at last I chose Little Caliph for a try. After half a year, there is no development. When I ask my twins what have they learnt today, they said nothing, just playing. When I went to see the teacher after mid year, I was so shocked that my twins teacher can’t construct a proper sentence in English. And the daily exercises that they did were below my expectation. Only colouring, jointing the line which I think that a 3/4 year old should do.

    I immediately pull out them from there and enrolled them to a normal kindie (no brand). They have improved so much in just a few months! I am glad that I have made a right decision.

    This is just my humble opinion. I still believe that the success of this franchise kindie is based on how principal/owner run the centre.


  4. Hi Nani,

    Just sharing, for your eldest boy, you may try CADS Enhancement Centre in Jalan Duta. The school cater for dyslexic and adhd children. and the best part is, their approach is islamic based and english medium. You may refer to this webpage.

    how i came to know about this centre? i organise csr activity for my company and this centre is one of our beneficiary.


  5. Assalamualaikum all

    Im a mother of 2..i actually juz want to share to all mummies out thr that islamic kindy is always disappointing especially those with english medium n stuff like that..
    Their english r horrible actually,n highest education level is spm,not all but majority..

    I actually send my kids to cic,they join eArly this year,its been a mth but i didnt not c them teaching gd value to my kids..
    They dont hv any outdoor activity,they actually hv an indoor playground but the principal can proudly say to me that kids r not allowed to play..she say “bdk2 ni pn tk heran da dgn playground ni”
    The worst part is my 4 n 5yr old child actually go to toilet by themselves w/o being accompanied by a teacher or helper..they even hv to wash themselves w/o anyone supervising them
    U call urself islamic pre school but u dunt even practise basic hygiene..
    Cic also did not allow parents to participate our childs 5th birthday..reason given is “takot parents lain tgk nanti sume ikut”
    Then i say,i dunt want to join in the photo taking,i juz want to c him cut the cake n enjoy himself,i dont even want a single piece of cake..then she say,” tk bole la puan utk safety anak2 kt sni”
    I was speechless..what the hell!!! What harm can we as a parents bring to their students?
    Really unacceptable reason..what a shame when u as a principle gv those kind of reason to parents..very disappointing..
    There are so many things that i would love to share with parents out thr,but i feel that its enough for now..
    I will definitely quit my kids by june..
    N i wont recommend cic to any parents out thr..better becareful before enrolling ur kids to CIC
    What happen to me is actually a lesson learnt..
    I hope they will change for the better in the near future in sha Allah..


  6. Assalamualaikum..nov last year i found non-franchise islamic kindergarten..this school has sylibus hfazan for quran & hadis, arabic & english place for kids to son still on waiting list..they have branch (not franchise) at tmn prmata, bkt jelutong & hq at ampang..i’ve reseech (get info from parents), this school is very good espacially in making kids memorize quran n hdith.. Feel free to google for ICDC.. early registration required.


  7. salam.i’m searching a kindi for my 4yrs old daughter, currently working in ampang ( ampang point area), do u know any ggod kindi( islamic myb)..


    admin Reply:

    try check out Medina Azzara if I’m not mistaken. I have a friend whose daughters are in that school, I’m impressed with the kids progress n development


    admin Reply:

    hi, do check out Medina Azzahara, i have 2 friends who send their kids to that school and im pretty impressed with their kids, mashaa Allah


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