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Toddlers' Crafty | Kids in Charge

November 27, 2010

It all started with patato stamping. syauQi keja that night so he need to get some sleep petang tu, thus i got him to cut the patato in few shapes so i can keep the kids occupied to avoid them from interrupting his sleep…

So yes it all started with patato stamping

and then it move on to foot stamping

their smiles n giggles were priceless, they find it rather ticklish getting their foot in the paint…

and went they wanted to walk on the paper to do their foot printing, they almost loose their balance, it was rather slippery…they took turn to see who managed to get their foot print done without any fall. I couldnt take much photo of it coz was monitoring them, afraid they fall head first.

After penat gelak tegolek bagai, they played with the paint again, he is one happy boy having the freedom to make a total mess with the paint

and my gal was busy making her own mess as well

She even got her face painted and painted hArith back…which later hArith baring on the paper for body stamping. Managed to get only one photo of the body stamping as i was monitoring them as well…

Tgh gelak besar….

And the end result…

not much of uZAir’s photo doing painting though as he is not that interested, he loves his “private beach” (read: sandpit). He spend most of his outdoors activities in the sandpit regardless hot or not. Sunbathing perhaps?

check out his white sandy beach 😉

and with all the mess, of coz they wont allow to walk in, they had their shower outside…lotsa body wash needed though…haha

(the only gmbar yg tgh that doesnt need to be censored..hihi)

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  1. dear tak nak buat another session of kids in charge?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    mmg nk buat tp bab nk organise gmbar tu yg tak larat nk ngadap lappy…hihi


  2. just wondering what kind of paint do u use for these activities ? ke the normal watercolour paint is ok ?
    thanks !


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    beli the paint frm craft shop, tried te normal paint frm those stationery shop tp a lil cair, xleh nk buat finger painting


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