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November 20, 2010

When i was young, i remembered going to Plaster Fun House to do painting on those plaster clay thingy. It was such a treat if whenever we get to go there. The Plaster Fun House in DU is no longer there but i heard they have one in Empire Gallery, haven’t check out the place to see if it’s the same like it used to be.

Anyhow, i managed to get something similar to that for hArith. I bought only one for trial coz wasn’t sure if athirAh would be interested in it as well. I was wrong though, they ended up fighting for it…

I bought this for RM29.90, comes together with the colours and a brush

Ended up syauQi gave athirAh a patato to colour, she was happy coz she associate it with the Mr Patato from Toy Story..hihi.

She was soo excited to show the maid her patato, maid didnt know anything, ¬†thought she was asking for help, hence maid wash the patato…abis sume her painting on it, melalak lah anak saya…haha

hArith painted halfway and got distracted by the lawn mower next door…he was more interested to see the gardener at work and told me he wanna continue tomorrow.

The next day, when hArith wanted to continue his painting athirAh found some wooden thing in the house to colour, we allowed her coz we can easily wash the paint off,

hArith’s end result

after the painting session, he played baseball with syauQi, his hand eye coordination is pretty good for a 3 year old boy. But he prefers to toss the ball in the air himself and then hit it.

athirAh kepenatan,

sape nk cari budak umur 3 tahun tuk iklan air…silalah email saya..hihi

wondering y not much of uZAir’s photo? coz he is “permanently” situated at the sink main air…taknk main mende lain dah

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