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Ahmad Uwais bin Ahmad Syauqi

By on January 28, 2011

It took us awhile to figure out a name, through out the pregnancy we didnt have a list, even after the baby pops out, we were still clueless of a name. But we have to register his name today sbb after this syauQi dah takde off day to settle his name.

Past few days, we had Idris and Uwais in mind. My mom thinks that Uwais susah org nak sebut, but i love the name. Uwais Al-Qarni is a great companion of Prophet with such amazing stories of him. syauQi wanted Idris, i do love the name too hence i propose Ahmad Uwais Idris. Tapi syauQi thinks panjang sgt name tu..nanti leceh passport name panjang. Another major prob would be name in ticket tak kuar penuh, nanti tak same dgn name dlm passport…leceh bleh sangkut custom and what not. But if im not mistaken my name pun tak kuar in full dlm ticket btu so far alhamdulillah no problem. However before it happen and confirm if berlaku any prob, sure i kena bebel sebb degil nak jugak 3 name…i better listen to him, or else sure smpai sudah kena marah whenever such prob like that happen…hihihihi.

Lagi pun since hArith,uZAir and the dad cume 2 name; Ahmad Harith, Ahmad Uzair and Ahmad Syauqi…so might as well “uniform” kan name diorang..just 2 names. But i was telling my sis…”okay ape 3 name, baru baloi penat bersalin!” hahahaha

But the fact that syauQi chose Uwais over Idris…i’m definitely one happy mom since Uwais is my first choice 😉

Thus, although his name registered as Ahmad Uwais bin Ahmad Syauqi, we would love to introduce him as Ahmad Uwais Idris 😀

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Elder Two’s Reaction

By on January 27, 2011


I told syauQi to fetch the other kids. He went home and brought the elder 2. In the car, syauQi showed pic of newborn to them, hArith’s remark was “soo cute” but athirAh dgn kereknye corrected him by saying “soo sweet!”

Prior to that, i did call home to speak with hArith, told him “hArith baby dah keluar” and he was like “huh?? huh? huh?” i repeated: “baby dah keluar, baby dah ade ni” dgn nada mcm org tua he replied: “ooohhhh”

Their faces as they entered the room..

at first we thought athirAh tak heran with the newborn, but later we found out…die actually takut kena marah if she pegang. Told her its okay..baru beria die pegang 🙂

hArith muka excited 😀

his name still blum finalize..

oh btw, i think he looks like uZAir mase newborn

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The connected tots :D

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I can still remember clearly, back in uni days during my undergrad, the subject we all feared most was Physiological Psychology. Some even choose to take up the subject later in their 3rd year. Well, I was close to following everyone else’s footsteps but I wasn’t left with much choice since other subjects were all full, leaving me to register for that subject in my 2nd semester of 1st year. I’m not really a science stream person. For SPM I took up science stream but dropped biology and took accounts instead.

Surprisingly, alhamdulillah the subject turn out to be one of the best subjects through out my 4 years of undergrad. Well, I would say the lecturer was the major factor that contributed in making the subject interesting. No doubt, it wasn’t easy…as I said biology wasn’t my cup of tea, so the words, neurons, cells, membranes and all were like alien language to me. Getting into the details of the cell connections, how it works was just too heavy for me (oh not just for me, for the entire class I must say).

But now, being a mom to 3 toddlers, I’m glad that I have had a little background knowledge on how our brain works. Do u know that we are born with 100 BILLIONS of cells?! However not all are connected, in fact there are still cells waiting to be connected. That’s why there’s a saying, a kids’ brain is like a sponge, they absorb easily…the cells are there, it just needs to be connected. As the child learns, his / her brain cells will make connections inside the brain. That’s why for me, personally I would say early exposure is very important…some might say….”alah besar nanti reti lah”, but y not make use of Allah’s gift? Our children are blessed with billions of cells, why not make full use of it? Get all of those cells connected

Those were among the reason that we decided to send them to kindergarten earlier. It wasn’t easy to get a kindie that would accept them, unless I go to daycare / nursery. But we wanted a proper kindergarten. Glad we found a Montessori that accepted them at the age of 22 months back then. Now, the elder 2 has changed been enrolled into an Islamic kindie. Now that they will be 4 this year, we have more options now.

athirAh’s first day to skool, Itqan.

upon fetching them, she was excited to see me..trus lari ke gate. Amazing, she didnt cry on her first day.

For learning to happen, brain cells needs to connect. The more brain cells connected, the faster the learnings happen. Sadly, brain cells that are not connected would be lost. Of coz mom’s milk is the best but some are just not as lucky as their milk supply will drop, thus it is best to get milk that contains nutrition to help the brain cells connection. To help brain cells connect for faster learning, gangliosides is an important brain nutrient. In fact studies have shown that supplementation of gangliosides would help to improve cognitive function. (oh speaking of which, Cognitive psychology was another subject that we all feared! yup, anything tat involves biology scares us, hihi)

Basically, the gangliosides would help to maximize brain cells connection for faster learning, insyaAllah. It’s a nutrient crucial for brain cell connections. Brain cells connection relates to kids thinking out of the box. Just like hArith knows mOmmy’s tummy is big because there’s baby inside, but when my gynae asked what about his tummy, he answered his tummy has food. But why is pApa’s tummy big just like mom who is 6 month’s preggie? oh he knows its not bcoz there’s baby inside, but he said, pApa’s tummy have fats…huhu.

I’m glad I have managed to get my kids to sleep on their own bed by now it wasn’t easy at first. As I kept telling hArith he is a big boy now, cannot sleep with mOmmy, he actually questioned back “pApa also big boy, why pApa can sleep with mOmmy?” haha. Never thought of such a question. Well, im sure most of u with small kids have experienced this, the minute u put on ur hijab, they know u are going out aight. Even young babies can connect such situation; mom wears hijab = she’s going out.

Some of my blogger friends have witness how uZAir uses the iphone, even before he turns 2 he had mastered the usage of iphone already. syauQi showed him twice and now he can surf the utube search for his fav wiggles video. He scroll by himself for the videoclip he wants, goes back to the menu whenever he wants to change the video clip and so on.

In fact, my kids knows very well…if pApa goes to work with the check-in bag luggage, surely pApa plans to buy something big to bring home. So each time pApa balik with the check-in bag…they will greet their dad excitedly at the door and the first question that pops out will be “pApa beli ape?” The other day when we were in toys r us, the kids kept asking for this and that. And each time the dad replied “nanti pApa beli kt LA (los angeles)” (since its much cheaper there). I guess hArith got fed up, sume mende nanti beli kt LA…thus he ended up saying “hArith je lah pegi LA ” haha

Basically this kids are able to learn AND apply what they have learnt into their everyday life / situation. Perhaps we shall call them as “the connected tots”  . They not only know how to memorize or spell long difficult words, they are more than that, as they have built a pool of knowledge by forming connections between things around them, masyaAllah. It is amazing how young kids can do that..

On another note, smlm athirAh left me speechless. She was playing with her fav soft toy, or shall i say it’s her security blanket.

athirAh: ” athirAh have 2 ellies (elephant). soo cute!”

then i got her to count, 1 ellie, 2 ellieS . trying to teach her on singular n plural “2 ellieS”

she then continued “2 ellies…sooo cute”

few second pause and she continued “mape (mengapa / kenapa) uZAir tak sooo cute?”

i was speechless, well what would you answer??

I guess, kids’ say the darnest thing..hihi . Im sure all parents out there have ur moments, where u cant stop laughing seeing / hearing how ur kids connects things aight

Do share ur kids’ stories! Lets spread the laughter around

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My 12 minutes labour experience

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Warning, this gonna be a looonggg entry. You may stop reading when u get bored, this entry is to serve as a diary for myself.

Alhamdulillah i gave birth to my 3rd edition on Monday, 24th January at 1:10pm. Few days prior to that,  i did feel a lil discomfort at night. Everything is okay during the day but when its time for bed i’ll feel discomfort here and there. Discomfort yg cam perut tegang memulas semacam tu..but it goes off when i wake up the next morning.

But on Monday morning, as i woke up for my Subuh prayer, the discomfort was still there. syauQi ade exam that day, didn’t want to worry him and distract his attention from the exam. Told him i wasnt sure ni sakit perut or contraction since i had that kind of sakit perut few days before.He was like “ha jgn pulak kang tetiba msg i…”. I told him dont worry, i’ll only message u after ur paper abis.  I then monitored to see if it was consistent. It was still there, come and go. I had few errands to run that day. Instinct said i’ll be going for my labour that day. hArith ade runny nose, he wont allow athirAh to go to skool alone, thus no school for them. Decided not to send uZAir either, incase i go in labour, sape nk fetch him from skool.

After breakfast, at about to OU to get my customize party thingy printed. Thought of getting scones from Delicious before my confinement starts, tapi as i was walking towards Delicious with hArith, i felt the pain again. By then i was pretty sure it was contraction. Cancelled my plan to get the scones coz nak kena pegi Mailbox beli kotak pulak. I then text my gynae informing her, “Salam Prof, i think im having contraction, will get things ready and head to the hospital, insyaAllah. Hope you are around to sambut baby” (yup mane tau die meeting ker ape ade another doctor take over her duty). So off to Mailbox, another contraction there…was very sure its time then. Balik rumah, my parents were having their lunch told them lets go to the hospital. They thought cam baru start contraction kot…so they didnt really rush, went up to get change…mase tu i felt another contraction. Told them to hurry. Since I know parking will be difficult coz its lunch hour / visiting hours.hus i told them; takpe just drop me off, syauQi will come after his paper (his paper finishes at 1pm). Mom followed me up while bapak cari parking.

As i was entering the lift heading towards the ward, syauQi called. Time at my phone showed 12:51pm. Told him, line is bad coz im in the lift. He was like “huh lift? hello hello…hello”. “yup im in the lift nk gi ward”. He “okay2, call me back”. I called him to inform im already at the hospital. Smpai the counter, my Prof is already there. Apparently ade another person in labour dah 8cm. So since i text her, she was already expecting for me while waiting for the other gal to be 10cm dilated.

In UMSC, you will give birth in the room you are warded. They assigned me my room tp katil labour sume blum tukar. So they asked me to go and take my weight and BP dulu. As i wanted to do so, passed by the counter where Prof was sitted, she asked me, “brapa minit gap?” “four minues Prof, dah sakit ni” . I was asked to go to my room. Mase tu dah sakit, so i was told to baring on that katil first while they get things done. It was 12:58pm when i entered the room. Mase tu nk angkat kaki naik katil pun tak larat. Prof kate, takpe tunggu contraction abis then baru lift my leg up. Prof examine me to check brapa cm…she was like “errr ni 4cm, eh 5cm ni…once i ruptured your amniotic fluid sure laju je ni nanti” I replied “5cm? tp cam dah tak tahan dah ni”. And that was when i tweet:  5cm tapi baby dah nak kuar!!!

Prof was about to ruptured my amniotic fluid, i kept telling her…dah tak tahan ni!’ Prof knew it will be anytime soon…die dh suruh nurses get allt he trolley equipment sume masuk, baby warmer pun blum masuk lagi, reminded the nurse to call the paeds doctor. Everything was soo fast, i wasnt on anything. mmg tak sempat nk kasi pape sbb nurses and Prof were busy getting equipment ready.

Mase tu i was a lil dissapointed, i already visualized photos i wanted to take. Husband was not there yet. Camera was in the room but not within my reach. Mom was in the room, tapi behind the curtain. Dad managed to get parking space and waited outside the room. Apparently he said, the nurses took all the trolleys barang from the next door yg dah 8cm dilated. The mother of the gal wasnt happy..she was like eh knp amiq coz her daughter shuld be anytime since dah 8cm. My dad told her…tapi yg ni mmg dah nak kuar.

I was hoping to wait a lil longer coz i wanted syauQi to be around.  I wanted to take photo of him potong the umbilical cord. But i knew he wont be able to make it. He was from Kelana Jaya, parking confirm susah. I didn’t have much energy to push, lack of moral support i guess..hihi. Mase tu dah siap bawak battery operated fan sbb from previous pregnancy, biler nk deliver sure panas bepeluh despite the aircond.

Prof told me too push harder, i remembered telling her “tak larat”. Mase tu mmg tak sempat tukar katil. So i didnt have that thingy where u put ur leg up…so kaki bukak cam tu je (scroll down / stop reading if u think its too details..haha.) Prof told me “chin down” Then baru teringat…yes that’s the most important thing i kept telling people bile nk give birth. Ensure ur chin touches ur chest. When u are in that position, it’s easier to push BUT problem is, to lift ur chin so it touches ur chest need a hell lot of energy!!! Mase triplets pregnancy i had a nurse tolong support my head so my chin touched my chest. During uZair ‘s time, i had syauQi to lift my head. I tried lifting my head tapi tak larat. Prof told me again jgn dongak kepala…as i was trying to kumpul all the energy i have to lift head i told her “tolong..angkat my chin” but i was breathless…so word awal2 tu tak dgr, cume word “chin” je clear enough. It was more like…”bla bla bla chin”. Prof replied “takpe nk kencing, kencing je” i repeated, again the word chin je clear enough that came out from my mouth. After few times i repeated, message went tru, nurse help me lift my head, my chin was already touching my chest. Felt much better..started pushing again. Prof told me, baby is halfway there…i seriously didnt have much energy left. But i knew its dangerous if i delay it, ive heard a lot of cases baby lambat push tak cukup oksigen, i put together all the strength and give it another push. It wasn’t enough. Prof said “skit lagi”…another pushh….alhamdulillah, baby was out. Sempat suruh Prof pause kejap, grab my phone n took this pic.

They place baby on the warmer, paeds then took over. I called my mom who was behind the curtain to take the camera frm the bag and take some shoots. Mom took this photo

Called, syauQi to inform him baby is out. He was on his way, few minutes away. Prof told me ade koyak skit..i was doing fine cume my last push tu silap skit..needed stiches. As prof started stiching up, received a call from a fren, answered the call which later she tweeted this:

Though my writting seems long, in actual fact, all that haapen in 12 minutes. to summarize:

12:51pm: in the lift when syauQi called

12:58pm: entered the room

1:10pm: baby pops out

I was rather impressed with myself (maaf angkat bakul sendiri) I did it again wihout husband (mase triplets pun syauQi not around, he was in Melbourne but i had a team of nurses to cheered for me then) and another highlight of it was i did it wihout any help of epidural nor ethonox (I took the ethonox during triplets’ n uZAir’s) . I was conscious all the way. Mase nak stich up tu…half way nurse pass me the ethonox gas is case i need it. But i made sure, i didnt get total zombie with it, i wanted to be aware if syauQi entered the room, i wanted to know if paeds say anything about my newborn…hence i didnt make total use of the laughing gas. I was well alert of all conversation going on in the room between, the gynae, paeds, nurses and my mom.

Stiches all done, i was off the ethonox already by then. syauQi tak smpai lagi. They need to change me to a different room coz katil sume dh kotor since tak sempat tukar to labour bed. Soon after i transfered to next door, syauQi arrived, told him they tgh cuci kn they baby, so he pegi tgk and azankan though before that my dad dah azan since tak sure bile syauQi smpai. Few minutes later, the nurse wheeled my baby in 🙂

Some commented im a supermom…no im not. The true superhero is this fella…

I was telling him “hows that, at 28 years old, u have a wife and FOUR kids to support?” it surely sound tough to me, but alhamdulillah he is doing perfectly fine, fulfilling our needs and wants. We love u!!!

I told syauQi to balik rumah to fetch the other kids…

will continue in next post; reaction from the elder 2 upon seeing their lil brother…

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