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Elder Two’s Reaction

January 27, 2011


I told syauQi to fetch the other kids. He went home and brought the elder 2. In the car, syauQi showed pic of newborn to them, hArith’s remark was “soo cute” but athirAh dgn kereknye corrected him by saying “soo sweet!”

Prior to that, i did call home to speak with hArith, told him “hArith baby dah keluar” and he was like “huh?? huh? huh?” i repeated: “baby dah keluar, baby dah ade ni” dgn nada mcm org tua he replied: “ooohhhh”

Their faces as they entered the room..

at first we thought athirAh tak heran with the newborn, but later we found out…die actually takut kena marah if she pegang. Told her its okay..baru beria die pegang 🙂

hArith muka excited 😀

his name still blum finalize..

oh btw, i think he looks like uZAir mase newborn

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  1. ollo so sweet la gamba last tew siap senyum lagi ….

    Harith is so adorable nampak dia happy sangat kan dapat baby

    Mebi Athirah tgh blur2 lagi but im sure pasnih dia je la nak berkepit ngan babby


  2. congrats munirah… selamat berpntang n breastfeed uwais 😀 happy la kakak n abangnye mengulit baby uwais…kena extra careful coz syira dulu geram sampai baby nangis sbb cubit pipi kuat sangat huhu


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah dgn athirAh kena tgk2 skit coz die geram yg i risau die kasar
    oh tak sabar tunggu pantang abis! hihi


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