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January 5, 2011

Yup, we have decided to send the elder 2 to Itqan, that’s the best  we can find that fulfill our criteria. The student teacher ratio (which is for us the most important factor) is 1:7. The only setback is it is in Kota Damansara…gonna have to rempuh jam di pagi hari. Going is not much a problem insyaAllah, but to drive back to Tmn Tun i’ll have to join the traffic crowd. Well, my mom used to drive me from SS2, PJ to Bangsar everyday for my kindie. Back then the road to Bangsar wasn’t as good as was narrow road..not 3, 4 lanes highway. So this time around, it is my turn to drive my kids. But errr..nanti during my confinement i gonna need to ask mom’s jasa baik to send my kids 😉

Am looking forward to send them to their new skool but sadly they woke up on monday with runny nose, through out the long skool hols, their nose were clear and it just have to caught flu when school is about to start…aiyakkkk. Their first day of skool is scheduled for today btw..

So why do i choose Itqan over other school? Besides the main factor of teacher n student ratio, the teachers look well experience and speak english comfortably…they are all english speaking teachers and if im not mistaken they have arab native speaking teacher as well. And of coz i’m happy with the integrated islamic teaching they have in their syllabus (which is another main factor).

Errm when i tweet the other day that i juz got back from their school registration i had few enquiries on their fees from fellow friends…basically this is their fees structure. It sounds a lot coz a semester consists of 6 months, instead of the usual 3 or 4 months per semester. And for us, we gonna have to pay for 2 heads…botak kejap kepala…

Here’s the fees structure:

Registration: RM500 (one time payment)

Deposit: RM700 (one time payment)

Materials n Equipment: RM 400 (to be paid every semester)

Insurance: RM10 (to be paid annually)

Activities Fund: RM 200 (to be paid annually) – They will have 4 excursion yearly and a sports day

Tuition Fees: RM370 / month x 6 months = RM2220

Thus, for a start, expect to pay RM 4030 per head.

The following semester to be paid in July:

Tuition Fees : RM370 x 6 = RM2220

Materials and Equipment: RM400

Total : RM2620

And the following year, the first semester will be a bit more than the 2nd semester as there are few payments to be paid on annual basis, thus it will be RM 2220 (tuition fees) +  RM400 (Materials and Equipment ) +RM10 (insurance) +  RM 200 (Activities Fund)

Total: RM2830

And the second semester remain the same as the first year = RM 2620

Yup, that certainly sound a lot, but education should come first i guess? So no holiday n impulse purchase for next couple of years i guess…ermm takpe insyaAllah rezeki tu ade


uZAir will remain in the previous skool since Itqan doesn’t accept their age….

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  1. wow. dunno what to say. but yeah, education comes first! nanti i discuss with hubs. hihihhii. tapi sayang rasanya kt area my hse takde. thanks for the info, munirah! 😀


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah education come first, tapi then again at times not everything is beyond our reach kn. Ade another skool ni, Chidlren House Montessori…fuhh lagi kus mangat the fees, 1k a month!!! x sure 1 semester brapa bulan, if one semester is 6 months, mau 6k skaligus kena bayar, blum other miscellaneous fees lagi kan (i.e stationery, materials bagai) mmg dah tahap impossible lah if nk anta situ…but i heard they serve all organic food during meals. Mostly byk expatriate yg anta situ (ye lah diorang je yg mampu kan..hihi)
    btw u dok area mane?


    Puteri Reply:

    Children House Montessori yang rumah colour merah tu ke? atas sikit from Munawwarah eh?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yup tats the one, the have another one, tak sure either bangsar or dsara height, or is it hartamas…

  2. the school sound intresting dear… yes ure right education for our kids is more important kan other things same goes to me too insyaallah rezeki tuh ada amin….


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    i was happy to see all teacher speaks english well…yg mmg u can see its their daily language, they all look well experience insyaAllah. and they all have dip / degree in early childhood or else they have to undergo the course / workshop. pastu bes cam all those “alhamdulillah, insyaAllah, masyaAllah” sume kt hujung lidah..hoping kids will pick up such words in their daily conversation


  3. aduyaiiii, manyak mahal la so skrg dh nk kena menabung untuk anak la plak….huhuh


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu blum uZAir punye lagi..uZAir pegi sek same cam last year sbb the new skool tak amiq his age


  4. Salam.
    Boleh saya dapatkan contact no untuk Itqan. Tq


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    w’salam, sorry lmbat reply. Itqan’s number is 0361422160. anank u brapa tahun? if im not mistaken if tuk 5 years, dah full.


  5. Salam, What is the Itqan’s entry age? I plan to send my 3years son. I am not sure either to send at Itqan, Brainy Bunch or CIC… Please share… Thank you..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    entry age for itqan is 4 years. it is rather unfortunate they dont have for age 3years :(. thats y i anta my kids sek lain dulu n meanwhile put their name in the list. they do have waiting list. so if u r interested baik letak name. 4 years old slalu ade lagi slot tp for 5 years old slalu penuh. u may contact Itqan at 0361422160 🙂


  6. salam

    nak tanya how’s your kids doing in ItQAN? might be sending my 3yrs old next year. thanks.


    admin Reply:

    w’salam, kids loving Itqan and i have no complain. however they only start from age 4 years dear


  7. Salam Mommy,

    I came across your blog while I was searching for info in regards to Itqan. How’s your experience with them so far? Do you see much progress in your kids when they were there? I’m thinking of sending my 5yo son to Itqan next year – would be glad to know other parents experiences with Itqan as I can’t find that much info about them online.



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