Walid is their uncle

By on February 25, 2011

Today elder 2 ade sambutan maulidul Rasul school level. They were asked to wear their baju melayu / bj kurung. hArith decided to wear the baju myu he wore during my bro’s akad. FYI my kids call him Walid (which means father in arabic) n they call my other brother Ayah.

While putting on his baju, harith was telling me “baju ni mcm tuk hari raya tapi harith pakai untuk walid kahwin dgn auntie nuha kn mommy”… then it strike in my head…what if he says the same thing to his teachers…sure cikgu tu ingat syauqi kahwin dua kn (nauzubillah!), sure cikgu piki when harith says walid, as in refering to his dad lah kn. Thus during the conversation i told hArith, “tell teacher walid is your uncle tau!” hahah

on another note, there was one time when i picked them up frm skool (b4 my pantang that is) my kids were taking their own sweet time to wear their shoes. To get them to move faster i told them “faster faster, nk pegi umah Walid ni, auntie Nuha tunggu tu” …hmm, to think of it again, sure time tu cikgu dgr might think “eh parents ni divorce ke (nauzubillah!), nk gi umah walid n auntie nuha?”

pg tadi sempat amiq gmbr dgn phone je…

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Sample up for grab

By on February 24, 2011

So have u navigate to the right answer for the video clip in the previous post?

Yup that’s one of the example of Connected Tots. in fact if you go to their microsite : www.connectedtots.com.my  , u can gain lotsa additional information on the explanation of how the brain cells connections, and most importantly the guidance for us mom to do our parts; how to stimulate these brain cells connection. Im sure u wouldnt want those billions brain cells our kids have to be wasted.

My kids surely love the website coz they have the stimulating games for them and even story reading material. Yup a green light for them to touch mOmmy’s laptop. Besides stimulating their brain, it’s a social bonding time for u n ur kids 😉 After doing dressing up game on the laptop…athirAh went on to dress up her dolls with her own clothing…typical gals i guess. hihi

*excuse the poor lighting of the photos,it is early in the morning,hArith keeping himself occupied with the game while i prepare him breakfast

Oh i’ve been wanting to do a post on how hArith’s would choose his own attire each time after showe. However whenever i wanna take photos of the involved attire, its either in the laundry or hArith is  wearing it. hArith has this thing where everything must matches well, even his underwear must be of the same coordinating colour with his pants / tshirt. If it’s not due to the colours, it will be something to coordinate with the theme of his clothing.Yup he is one particular boy.

Do head over to the site: www.connectedtots.com.my for more info of “connect the tots” and yes you can even request for sample of milk that consists Gangliosides; Anmum Essential 😉

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Want to take up the Challenge?

By on February 22, 2011

I started Usana due to my inflammation of bone, though initially i had doubt about it, but i was desperate for something to replace the drugs (pain killer). Since my husband’s and my health condition have alhamdulillah improve (our bones n joint in particular) i can never stop recommending it to others whenever they mention they have prob with their bone n joints (i.e knee due to sports). Quite a number of syauQi’s friend have started taking USANA, and recently another friend of syauQi complain bout his knee condition. As usual, syauQi would recommend it but not to our surprise..most people would hesitate. But i really want to prove a point that “Yes USANA really works” so husband and i come out with the idea; why not we give him the USANA challenge. We give him a month supply and in return he has to give us a weekly testimonial on it.

After 2 weeks, he emailed me his verdict and i’m more than happy to share it with all of you:

USANA Challenge Week 1 (1-7 February 2011)

I had severe pain in my left knee probably caused by vigorous bowling and it was aggravated by my weekly futsal activity. I was introduced to USANA from a friend and decided to give it a try. I started taking USANA on 1st February 2011. Unfortunately for me, it did not give me an immediate effect as it did to some other users.

The first three nights, I would take the three pills at night before I went to bed. I realized that it did reduce the pain but it was very minimal. On 4th February 2011, I decided to take it twice a day, once after lunch and once after dinner.

Up until 7th February 2011, the effect of USANA was pretty mild. I did not have severe pain in my left knee every time I climb up stairs but I can still feel pain when I put pressure on my left knee. I did not have any discomfort as I press my clutch to shift gears when driving in my car.

After 1 week, USANA has managed to remove the mild pain and discomfort from the normal usage of my left knee such as when walking, climbing steps and driving. However, the pain when I put pressure on my knee is still there. Considering that USANA is not a kind of drug or a painkiller but is a health supplement to facilitate the healing process of my knee injury, judging it after just 1 week is certainly unfair.

I will consistently consume USANA for the next one month with much hope for even better results.

USANA Challenge Week 2 (8-14 February 2011)

This is the second week of me taking USANA. I had reduced the intake to only once a day after I stopped feeling discomfort in my knee. Although I knew that I should be consistent and persevere in my quest for eating USANA, I did miss one day but I don’t think one day has much effect.

My God, the manufacturers should make the tablets curvy at the edges to make it easy for people like me who have trouble swallowing tablets. I’d choke every other day with one of the capsules.

I have not played futsal for two weeks to allow the healing process to be proper. Last night, I went to play futsal and Alhamdulillah, there was no pain when I run, jump and kick the ball. But there is still a sharp pain when I stop running with my left leg. However, the pain is nothing compared to the pain I had before taking USANA. Today, my knee feels slightly sore at certain odd angle.

I can really feel the positive effect of USANA and I am very much happy with the results thus far. I hope it could make my knee as good as new.

Syed Adam Alhabshi

27 years old

(Disclaimer: As much as I believe that the healing process is because of God, The All Mighty, the taking of USANA is clearly the effort and reason for such satisfying result.)

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Itqan Sports Day

By on February 19, 2011

As i mentioned in my previous post, sadly i miss my kids’ first Sports Day 🙁

Good thing syauQi took some videos so i roughly know how the event was. Itqan has primary school, thus their Sports Day combine with the big brothers n sisters.

Athirah is still down with runny nose, she didnt join the race as she went later with  my sister. Both of them are in the Blue House

hArith waited at the Blue Tent for the event to start,

Getting in line for the march past

syauQi took a video of the march past, amazing to see how well behave hArith was in the line. I wonder if athirAh ade will she be in line ke akn jln sesuka hati

hArith’s team won in this event, The Flower Race. hArith being the boy who like to do housework took his own sweet time susun bunga tu dgn penuh semangat. Org lain cucuk2 je, die cucuk dgn penuh teliti. I was telling syauQi, mujur die tak cabut yg kawan die dh cucuk and do a proper flower arrangement..hihi

Ha yg ni dah macam YB lah pulak, siap angkat tgn kt org ramai, haha

athirAh came later, somehow she couldnt fit in her sports tshirt, so ended up pakai her uniform. Seluar pulak, bile nk kuar umah tekencing dlm suar, so tukar suar biasa. Pastu she insists nak pakai her rainy boots. Ended up my sis kate die macam peladang. Tgk peladang sudah turun padang

A close up of the peladang

The primary students ade archery event, since it is an Integrated Islamic School thus the have the Sunnah sports

Looking at the videos syauQi took, it remind me so much of my IIUM days, the MC spoke in two languages, english and arabic. After the march past, they did their Sports Pledge and sang Asma Ul Husna. Sedap je dgr the MC speaks in arabic…i hope my kids can speak like that one day. I ni 6 tahun kat IIUM ended up tak reti pun ckp arab, oh shame on me, padahal my course we had to do full level arabic. Terkial2 dulu mase exam arab for speaking…teketar2 nk cakap bahasa arab.

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Harith prepared his own breakfast

By on February 17, 2011

* This is a 48hours sticky post

Oh remember on my previous post on brain cells connection and how kids at such young age can actually make their own connection of things that happen around them? Yup, gangliosides is a nutrient crucial for brain cell connections for faster development that allows faster learning. This morning, i was impressed by my 3 1/2 year old boy hArith who made breakfast by himself.

I was busy doing the customize bday party on the dining table, he came over look at me and walk away. While i was occupied with my work, i saw him busy going in and out of the kitchen. I observe him silently to see what was he up to. I was surprised to see him climbing up the cabinet to take the bread, open the fridge, reach out for the garlic spread. Took butter knife and spread the garlic on two slices of bread and started eating. Once finish, he actually took his plate to the sink and WASH it. I was like, wow masyaAllah, my boy has grown. At such young age he prepared his own breakfast since he saw me rather occupied with my work.I guess he must be saying to himself, “mom is busy with work, it would be faster to do breakfast by myself” hihi. He definitely learn pretty fast!. Now i wonder, is it too early to teach him how to cook sunny side up egg since he is soo much into cooking 😉

Here’s a video i would like to share with readers out there, on how tots connect things 🙂 Oh the video is pretty cool,its clickable. u can navigate it, click on the right answer at the end of the video 😉

for more details on brain connection and connected tots, head over here http://www.connectedtots.com.my/

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