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Snow Walk: I-City

By on March 31, 2011

Ada mcm roadtrip kt UK tak? wearing cardigan in the car…hihi

We brought the kids to snow walk i-city last tuesday. How was it? Quite a number of people asked me how was it when i tweet bout it. Well what can i say…hmm. if u wish to go, DO NOT go with high expectation. Its basically a basement yg di-freezer kan. I think if syauQi reach up his hands, he could touch the beams and ceiling. But since this was the closest we could get to snow, it was okay i guess. An experience for the kids, they are too young to rate the place afterall…hihi

We didnt bring uWais along, too young for it, ade kang demam. We paid RM50 for all of us. Its a family package rate i think. Stated there RM25 per adult and Rm20 for kids. But i remembered reading in the newspaper now promo RM10, but not too sure what was that promo all about. They do provide thick clothing and you have option to purchase the gloves and snowcap. I think gloves are rather essential for the lil one’s. We didnt buy gloves for the kids, thus they ended up putting their hands in the pocket.

Oh don’t get too excited, thinking u can build snowman and throw snowball. the “snow” kasar..i rase ABC punye ice lagi halus..haha. And ade tempat not so much of snow, tapi ice..thus it get a lil slippery to walk about…my kids jatuh few times. Especially at the steps..i find it rather dangerous.

So if takleh buat snowman, what else can you do? You can turun the sled but mmg takde safety features langsung. they should have padding around the sled…young ones can easily hit, terantuk kepala, the front of the sled. Pastu die takde lah cam bgtau make sure hands remain inside all the time. Your fingers can easily tekepit kt tepi tu (between the sled and the wall(ice) of the slide) . Pastu at the end of the slide you will go up a slope and reverse back (their braking system to stop ur sled)…i seriously think they should tell us to expect that. Tak ke panic, i was with my kids…suddenly it went up half wat the slope then tetiba reverse. ย Husband lak ride with athirah, because they were heavier, so the momentum pushed him all the way up the slope…it actually stop for few seconds b4 reverse balik…can easily topple ke belakang sbb he was like vertical up already.

This was the sled…me and elder 2 going down. Sorry poor quality of photo…we tak bwk flash. They have their official photographer. RM20 to purchase the gambar…and they only give hardcopy. Will need to scan and put it up here.

The steps were slippery

Pastu rase mcm gi snow in China..coz they had chinese song on air. It would be better if letak lagu without wordings…those instrument song, err what do u call it, minus one eh?

nothing much to do in there, they have this ride…elder 2 berebut. bile nak balik baru tau, ade banyak was kind of hidden. Dunno lah why they didnt make it visible.

uZair slept in the car mase on the way there, so awal2 masuk tu he refused to walk…but after awhile die lah yg paling steady tahan sejuk

My verdict: if setakat nk kasi kids rase sejuk winter tuokay lah..but jgn expext you can really play with the snow.

Mase balik, in the car..hArith said to me “mommy nak gi real snow pulak can?” hahahah

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And another mom's gathering

By on March 26, 2011

The previous post was a gathering back in Dec 2010. And recently a friend text me saying she wants to come over . Managed to gather 3 moms on that day ( last Thursday). This friend of mine married to a British and now living in Zurich. She’s back here for a month and since it was not possible to chat over a cup of tea outside, i invited her to come over. She was the friend i berjimba with after i completed my uni. She taught me how to wear eyeliner n blusher and up till now that’s the only thing i know how to use. (yup umur dah 23 baru lah amiq port how to wear those thingy) So yes, besides foundation n powder u can only see eyeliner n blusher on my dressing table. No mascara, eyeshadow, and what not sbb tu je yg kwn i sempat ajar…hahaha

As i was contemplating to get a moby wrap or not, my friend came at the right timing, she no longer using hers coz anak die sihat kus semangat…thus she lend me hers. Its really amazing to see how that piece of cloth can actually give better support than the over priced baby bjorn.

Abaikn the comotness of me babywearing, it was my first getting a hang of it. kain die panjang berjelar..habis lantai disapu and boleh lilit pusing i 4 kali.

Fadd’s husband was housemates with syauqi mase time diorang bachelor, so dulu mase zaman dating slalu lah kami kuar double date. Nope, not that kind of fancy double date, Uptown DU was a norm back then, and we had few road trips to the waterfall and such. Pastu bile dh kahwin, ade green lite merayap, we went to Hyatt Kuantan pulak. Syiok..time both takde lil caliph lagi.

Nway, we couldnt get enough of my friends mix breed. Peha die sgt geram hokey!

hArith pun sgt geram

hyda will be flying back to zurich tomorrow (sunday). Till we meet again babe! Fadd dah ade plan nk visit herm me tak tau lah when n how to travel with 4 lil ones..insyaAllah one day kite baling2 snow at each other kay hyda ๐Ÿ˜€

*gosh, tembab nye my pipi!

here’s pic of uwais nicely snugg in the moby wrap. Yes i know, i look like bibi’ indon gendong anak ๐Ÿ˜›


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My Lil Caliphs Activties | Parenthood

Mommy's Social Activity

By on March 25, 2011

Yes, mommy need social activity too. When ur life 24/7 revolve around 4 kids…there are times u simply need a breath of new fresh air to keep ur sanity. At times when im too occupied with my kids and hampir bertukar menjadi hulk atau naga..i stop to ponder and reflect. I hardly have me time and of coz social deprived. Yes, alhamdulillah i feel blessed and very much contented blessed with 4 lil caliph but as i walk down the mall, i just cant stop to look at others n wonder; am i missing what others in their 20’s are doing. In fact having a decent meal is almost unreachable luxury. Good thing im not much an eater, often i go through the day with just one meal .

Most people would suggest, i should find time to have some me-time. but i have this biggest problem ever, i would feel the greatest guilt for leaving the kids behind. rase sgt bersalah ber-enjoy sakan and anak pulak kt umah. lagi2 bile balik kang sume muke cebik.

Wuish panjangnye mukadimmah, main intention of this entry is to share an extremely belated entry, the mom’s blogger gathering kt umah yaya in december last year. We had pot luck. Hope i recall this right, lana brought her signature brownies, jua; signature red velvet cake, fiza; ikan bakar (believe it or not, that was my first time makan ikan bakar..selama ni tak hairan tp sbb member buat, trus terasa nak makan), siti and me bawak marinated ayam for the bbq.

The kids had fun splashing water away, tapi Adam sgt otai smpai org lain takut nak join die..hihi

anak dara saya duduk sipi2 je

uZair, baru bgn tido so lepak kt luar je

anak dara fiza, swimming suit sgt cantek, i ingat kn die pakai dress

En syauQi rajin volunteer tuk jaga ayam

tp sebenarnye ade udang di sebalik batu, if die occupied jaga ayam..maka die tak perlu lah berlari kejar / jaga anak.. kan syauQi? kan kan? hihihi ๐Ÿ˜›

anak teruna saya, mmg parking buntut kat meja makan

yaya did bihun goreng, all 3 kids of mine had 3 serving of the bihun! sume anak kaki makan.

among the food served,

i certain had a great time ๐Ÿ˜€

so when is our nxt gathering moms?

oh chop before i end this entry, tgk lah si comel anak yaya ini

will share another entry on moms gathering soon. had frens over at my hse smlm, sgt syiok ๐Ÿ˜€

p/s: yaya, i suke baju tido adam. u beli mane ye?

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Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Putrajaya

By on March 23, 2011

I always look forward for this hot air balloon fiesta, went for the previous years except for last year coz the husband wasnt around. So this time around, i didnt wanna miss it again. Told syauQi in advance about it and obviously he was left with no other option but to bring us. I had to idea how to get all 4 kids ready as early as 645 since we had to be there by 730am. Thus the only way to get there on time was to skip the mandi part. Yup, all my kids went there in their pyjamas…hihi.

After i did my subuh prayers, i carried one by one into the car while syauQi get ready. All woke up when i transfered them into the car, except athirAh. Left the house at 640am and reached there 727am. Parking was easy then, lots of it, n managed to get a spot with a very clear view.

managed to see this balloon that took off, halim othman was in it

after it took off, my eyes were on this balloon, fascinated to see the shape being upside down,

must be very hard to fly this balloon since the basket is inside, how did the pilot fly it while his view being blocked?

it flew right above my head,

n im sure this was among the fav by most ppl,

we had the chance to watch them set up the doraemon balloon from A-Z

they had the doraemon theme song on air when it took off.

The balloon from Germany was a unique one,

after all balloon took off, i wanted to see them land, especially the Germans. We rushed to our car n was shocked to see our car being blocked. I have no idea what was the guy thinking, park right in front of ours. was hoping he left his contact number, but nope he didnt. Was hoping he didnt pull his hand break so we could push the car fwd, but neither did he release his hand break.

i approached the pegawai perbadanan putrajaya who was taking care of the traffic nearby, but ape tah die kate “xleh nk buat pape sbb tu sesama awam” i hv no idea wat he meant. last2, my sis sanggup menapak to the deejay, to announce the number plate. mase my sis pegi the man came dgn muka tenang n said sorry. syauqi raised his voice at him asking, wat was he thinking blocking others punye keta. Boleh pulak die jwb, “kejap je, saya kt situ je”. syauqi replied “kejap ape, kami tunggu dah lame ni!” ..he then dgn muka selamba xde perasaan drove off.

Anyway, we sempat kejar tgk the Germans’ balloon (the one without the basket) land. But it landed in the middle of the road thus we couldnt stop and turun.

And we also saw Darth Vader land.

We head home right away sbb we ade appointment at 11am.

After zuhur, when syauQi was taking his nap i tried my luck…ajak die gi tgk again malam pulak. to my surprise he said “ok”. i suspect die mamai tak sedar ape die ckp…but since die ckp ok once he woke up i tuntut kate2 die. and yes he meant it ๐Ÿ˜€

So off we went again right after maghrib, wuish penuh masyarakat kt situ!

was a lil disappointed with the fireworks, was expecting it to be bigger and more grand…

oh b4 i end this entry, nk tunjuk u all muka budak tak puas hati kena angkut masuk keta awal pagi

uzair xde perasaan tgk hot air ballon, i think he must be saying this to himself “biar benar kejut2 awal tuk tgk ni semata2, kacau je org tido” hihihi

n this is athirah in her pyjamas. this gal loves elephant, she was happy to see one of the ballons had a picture of ellie on it

ni uwais kening berkerut, die pun x puas hati kah?

harith showed great interest, blk rumah he narrated what he saw in detail to my aunt.

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School Holiday

By on March 22, 2011

Fuh what a tiring week it was last week. It was school holiday n the husband had exam, so i had to keep all the kids at their best behavior to make room for the husband to do his revision.

It wasnt easy of coz, athirAh has this bad habit of wanting / taking whatever others are having. The minute harith started playing the truck, time tu lah die nk truck n when harith mengalah ย moved on to another toy, she immediately made up her mind taknk truck, nk toy yg harith pegang tu pulak. pastu ngamuk guling2 mcm citer bollywood.

Nway, keeping the kids occupied aint easy, as most of u know, keeping harith occupied is the easiest . we moved from oven (baking) to the stove ๐Ÿ™‚

early morning, still in his pyjamas…preparing breakfast

pancake anyone?

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