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And another mom's gathering

March 26, 2011

The previous post was a gathering back in Dec 2010. And recently a friend text me saying she wants to come over . Managed to gather 3 moms on that day ( last Thursday). This friend of mine married to a British and now living in Zurich. She’s back here for a month and since it was not possible to chat over a cup of tea outside, i invited her to come over. She was the friend i berjimba with after i completed my uni. She taught me how to wear eyeliner n blusher and up till now that’s the only thing i know how to use. (yup umur dah 23 baru lah amiq port how to wear those thingy) So yes, besides foundation n powder u can only see eyeliner n blusher on my dressing table. No mascara, eyeshadow, and what not sbb tu je yg kwn i sempat ajar…hahaha

As i was contemplating to get a moby wrap or not, my friend came at the right timing, she no longer using hers coz anak die sihat kus semangat…thus she lend me hers. Its really amazing to see how that piece of cloth can actually give better support than the over priced baby bjorn.

Abaikn the comotness of me babywearing, it was my first getting a hang of it. kain die panjang berjelar..habis lantai disapu and boleh lilit pusing i 4 kali.

Fadd’s husband was housemates with syauqi mase time diorang bachelor, so dulu mase zaman dating slalu lah kami kuar double date. Nope, not that kind of fancy double date, Uptown DU was a norm back then, and we had few road trips to the waterfall and such. Pastu bile dh kahwin, ade green lite merayap, we went to Hyatt Kuantan pulak. Syiok..time both takde lil caliph lagi.

Nway, we couldnt get enough of my friends mix breed. Peha die sgt geram hokey!

hArith pun sgt geram

hyda will be flying back to zurich tomorrow (sunday). Till we meet again babe! Fadd dah ade plan nk visit herm me tak tau lah when n how to travel with 4 lil ones..insyaAllah one day kite baling2 snow at each other kay hyda 😀

*gosh, tembab nye my pipi!

here’s pic of uwais nicely snugg in the moby wrap. Yes i know, i look like bibi’ indon gendong anak 😛


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  1. mana ada nampak like indon in moby..

    me myself dh pakai pi shopping beberapa kali, hehe, ramai bebudak cashierla yg tegur..haha, antara komen
    “akak nampak smartla”
    “eh2, ingatkan fashion baju akak mmg camni, rupanya ada budak comel..”

    hahaha, manala sy tak perasan sorang2 kan??


  2. Assalamualaikum..

    saya pon ada guna moby wrap, sgt selesa tp time bby nak bf ada problem sket sbb nak kena bukak/loose kan dulu. maybe kalau pakai nursing top sng sket. kdg2 jd kelam kabut lak bile bby dah haus sgt..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    u pakai moby smpai baby u brapa bulan / berat (kg)


    nanako Reply:

    masih pakai sbb baby baru 4mths+.


  3. Lady in red tu macam zakiah anas *curious*


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yup its zakiah anas, she is my friend’s hyda (the one tat kawen brittish) punye maksu


  4. babe,u amik masa brp minit nk pakai mobi wrap?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    x sure brapa min,bout 3-4 mins kot. if kt umah if kt luar tu i x try lagi. kain panjang berjelar xkn nk biar die jatuh on the floor. if lantai umah xpe lah sgt kan


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