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Berderet deret

March 7, 2011

The day my confinement ends, i “celebrated” it at ikea. Went there with all four and my mom while the dad went for his Friday Prayers. We used two double stroller. We had lots of eyes on us…over heard few remarks. We were waiting for the lift to open, those in the lift were quite shocked to see us outside, we could see one of them with a shocking face and commented to her friend “Oh my god!!”

Another remark we heard was “wuish berderet deret”.

But the ultimate one was when i was with hArith and uWais while my mom were few metres away with athirAh and uZair. A lady was with her daughter and cucu. She tegur me and asked how old was uWais…told the lady uWais is a month plus and she then asked hArith’s age. Apparently her cucu is also the same age as hArith, the lady then told her daughter (mother to the cucu) “ha tgk same age, 3 tahun…dah boleh ade adik dah” hinting to the daughter i guess. I then replied “err tapi yang ni ade 3 adik actually” . Mmg lah kan tekejut bulat both of them…hihi

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  1. Wakakakakakakakaka gelihati i baca ur entry nih….. Part yg last tu yg tak tahan.. Well, actually my mom got the exact same reaction when i told her about u 🙂 super momma!!!!! Mmg tabik spring u 🙂


  2. how you manage all 4 in a public place i’ll never know…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    err take a minute at a time and pray for the best..hihi


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