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March 25, 2011

Yes, mommy need social activity too. When ur life 24/7 revolve around 4 kids…there are times u simply need a breath of new fresh air to keep ur sanity. At times when im too occupied with my kids and hampir bertukar menjadi hulk atau naga..i stop to ponder and reflect. I hardly have me time and of coz social deprived. Yes, alhamdulillah i feel blessed and very much contented blessed with 4 lil caliph but as i walk down the mall, i just cant stop to look at others n wonder; am i missing what others in their 20’s are doing. In fact having a decent meal is almost unreachable luxury. Good thing im not much an eater, often i go through the day with just one meal .

Most people would suggest, i should find time to have some me-time. but i have this biggest problem ever, i would feel the greatest guilt for leaving the kids behind. rase sgt bersalah ber-enjoy sakan and anak pulak kt umah. lagi2 bile balik kang sume muke cebik.

Wuish panjangnye mukadimmah, main intention of this entry is to share an extremely belated entry, the mom’s blogger gathering kt umah yaya in december last year. We had pot luck. Hope i recall this right, lana brought her signature brownies, jua; signature red velvet cake, fiza; ikan bakar (believe it or not, that was my first time makan ikan bakar..selama ni tak hairan tp sbb member buat, trus terasa nak makan), siti and me bawak marinated ayam for the bbq.

The kids had fun splashing water away, tapi Adam sgt otai smpai org lain takut nak join die..hihi

anak dara saya duduk sipi2 je

uZair, baru bgn tido so lepak kt luar je

anak dara fiza, swimming suit sgt cantek, i ingat kn die pakai dress

En syauQi rajin volunteer tuk jaga ayam

tp sebenarnye ade udang di sebalik batu, if die occupied jaga ayam..maka die tak perlu lah berlari kejar / jaga anak.. kan syauQi? kan kan? hihihi 😛

anak teruna saya, mmg parking buntut kat meja makan

yaya did bihun goreng, all 3 kids of mine had 3 serving of the bihun! sume anak kaki makan.

among the food served,

i certain had a great time 😀

so when is our nxt gathering moms?

oh chop before i end this entry, tgk lah si comel anak yaya ini

will share another entry on moms gathering soon. had frens over at my hse smlm, sgt syiok 😀

p/s: yaya, i suke baju tido adam. u beli mane ye?

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  1. Munirah,
    no need to feel guilty to urself dear.sekali sekala u need time for your self ‘me-time’.Me pon once in a blue moon dlm 4-5 bulan sekali amik cuti sehari (since I’m working) g mall sorang2 or sometime ngan hubby g foot massage ker, window shopping ker.selalu brg beli main capai campak troli, so kalo ‘me-time’ blh belek2 sekali.hehehe.
    And sometimes it is recommended that maybe u can go honeymoon berdua saje.I da kawen almost 4 years and last year go for honeymoon for the 1st time after kawen and beranak and the feeling is really different.maybe ader yg kate x sanggup tinggal anak..well,as I said you have been occupied with ur childs 24-7, 362 days, there is nothing wrong you find yourself time just for you only for 3 days.:-))
    *name jer honeymooon tp semedang pk anak, sket2 call kg tanye anak.hehehe*


  2. Hahaha i pun x buat entry bbq sampai i forgot. Baju tido adam tu i beli kat mana yeh, x ingat dah cos merata beli baju bebudak neh…. Nice entry munirah 🙂


  3. i like picture mommies ramai2 tu..sbb reflectionnya nmpk gmbr bapak2 skali..hehe 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    hihi, sume bapak2 yg kena paksa rela ikut skali 🙂


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