School Holiday – TRIPLETS plus ONE

School Holiday

March 22, 2011

Fuh what a tiring week it was last week. It was school holiday n the husband had exam, so i had to keep all the kids at their best behavior to make room for the husband to do his revision.

It wasnt easy of coz, athirAh has this bad habit of wanting / taking whatever others are having. The minute harith started playing the truck, time tu lah die nk truck n when harith mengalah  moved on to another toy, she immediately made up her mind taknk truck, nk toy yg harith pegang tu pulak. pastu ngamuk guling2 mcm citer bollywood.

Nway, keeping the kids occupied aint easy, as most of u know, keeping harith occupied is the easiest . we moved from oven (baking) to the stove 🙂

early morning, still in his pyjamas…preparing breakfast

pancake anyone?

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