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Snow Walk: I-City

March 31, 2011

Ada mcm roadtrip kt UK tak? wearing cardigan in the car…hihi

We brought the kids to snow walk i-city last tuesday. How was it? Quite a number of people asked me how was it when i tweet bout it. Well what can i say…hmm. if u wish to go, DO NOT go with high expectation. Its basically a basement yg di-freezer kan. I think if syauQi reach up his hands, he could touch the beams and ceiling. But since this was the closest we could get to snow, it was okay i guess. An experience for the kids, they are too young to rate the place afterall…hihi

We didnt bring uWais along, too young for it, ade kang demam. We paid RM50 for all of us. Its a family package rate i think. Stated there RM25 per adult and Rm20 for kids. But i remembered reading in the newspaper now promo RM10, but not too sure what was that promo all about. They do provide thick clothing and you have option to purchase the gloves and snowcap. I think gloves are rather essential for the lil one’s. We didnt buy gloves for the kids, thus they ended up putting their hands in the pocket.

Oh don’t get too excited, thinking u can build snowman and throw snowball. the “snow” kasar..i rase ABC punye ice lagi halus..haha. And ade tempat not so much of snow, tapi ice..thus it get a lil slippery to walk about…my kids jatuh few times. Especially at the steps..i find it rather dangerous.

So if takleh buat snowman, what else can you do? You can turun the sled but mmg takde safety features langsung. they should have padding around the sled…young ones can easily hit, terantuk kepala, the front of the sled. Pastu die takde lah cam bgtau make sure hands remain inside all the time. Your fingers can easily tekepit kt tepi tu (between the sled and the wall(ice) of the slide) . Pastu at the end of the slide you will go up a slope and reverse back (their braking system to stop ur sled)…i seriously think they should tell us to expect that. Tak ke panic, i was with my kids…suddenly it went up half wat the slope then tetiba reverse. ┬áHusband lak ride with athirah, because they were heavier, so the momentum pushed him all the way up the slope…it actually stop for few seconds b4 reverse balik…can easily topple ke belakang sbb he was like vertical up already.

This was the sled…me and elder 2 going down. Sorry poor quality of photo…we tak bwk flash. They have their official photographer. RM20 to purchase the gambar…and they only give hardcopy. Will need to scan and put it up here.

The steps were slippery

Pastu rase mcm gi snow in China..coz they had chinese song on air. It would be better if letak lagu without wordings…those instrument song, err what do u call it, minus one eh?

nothing much to do in there, they have this ride…elder 2 berebut. bile nak balik baru tau, ade banyak was kind of hidden. Dunno lah why they didnt make it visible.

uZair slept in the car mase on the way there, so awal2 masuk tu he refused to walk…but after awhile die lah yg paling steady tahan sejuk

My verdict: if setakat nk kasi kids rase sejuk winter tuokay lah..but jgn expext you can really play with the snow.

Mase balik, in the car..hArith said to me “mommy nak gi real snow pulak can?” hahahah

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  1. Thanks for sharing the info…bolehlah i imagine serba sikit . At least i know what to expect. I was thinking to bring my kidsvthis weekend.


  2. hi. im thinking to go there this weekend. but i have a 4-months-old baby. do they allow baby?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    err not sure,x nmpak lak mane2 tulis age requirement. but i would advise not too unless u dress ur baby up in proper thick clothing (i x nmpak they hv for babies, u need to bring ur own). takut ur baby demam sbb dlm tu sejuk n once u step out back to hot weather, tu yg bleh buat demam…drastic change of weather. my kids kuar2 trus hidung berair..mujur kejap je.i dh risau if mmg runny nose


  3. Mmg trcari2 info mcm ni. Tqvm. Ingatkan nak bawa anak2 nex week cuti skolah. Tp bab runny nose tu le yg lemah, coz lepas PD, I-City, kami nak mkn angin ke Utara plak. Tak best nak jalan if anak2 dmam. Haah, ada baca kata fees RM10 tp dh jd RM25 adult n RM10 children plak.


  4. RM25 utk adult n RM20 for children klu masuk Sabtu ,Ahad dan cuti umum. Klu nak murah masuk hari biasa Isnin – Jumaat pukul 10am-6pm. Harga Dewasa RM15 n RM10 utk kanak2..
    Walaupun tak nampak mcm snow betul,at least bg la gambaran kat anak2 yg tak pernah rasa suasana yg ada snow.


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