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Sugar Level n Bedtime

March 10, 2011

I think most parents will go through the phase where their kids bedtime goes haywire. For now, alhamdulillah elder two’s bedtime are rather consistent. Uzair’s bedtime will be at 8-ish IF he didnt sleep during the day, regardless a short or long nap. If he takes his nap…he’ll ended up sleeping pass midnite. As for the newborn, uwais..alhamdulillah his sleeping routine is consistent too.

Besides making sure uzair does not take his afternoon nap, i’m also controling his sugar level (since its obviously correlates with his energy level). I have stop giving him milo too since i was told milo do contain lotsa sugar. I believe now the government, NGOs and other consumer association are all rising the awareness of excessive sugars intake. I really have to control my kids’ (and mine of coz) sugar intake since we have history of diabetics in the family. Its not easy to stop my kids from eating sweet food,(cant blame them coz i have sweet tooth too…hihi) thus the best way is not to stock it up at home. I have stop making the milo visible to them. My kids love munching, they will be in and out of the kitchen “self-service” searching for food. Thus its important to control what we keep in the kitchen. There was once, nothing much left in the fridge, athirAh ended up munching on one big cucumber she found in the fridge, we then stock up more vegetable that can be munch (i.e baby carrot)

Im sure u are aware there are two types of sugars, the natural sugars where u get it from fruits, vegetables n honey and the other type is the added sugars which added to the processed food and drinks while they are being made by either the manufacturer or when we cook. And dont be surprise some even add sugar directly to the food. I was shocked to see a friend of mine makan roti canai with sugar. She add a spoon of sugar dalam kuah dhal die.

At times we overlook the product’s sugar level coz it uses a different terms to replace sugar, among the common names of added sugars found in children’s product are sucrose, corn syrups solids and glucose syrups solids. And do you know that if the sugar level is not stated on the product lable, you can check the carbohydrate lebel. The higher the carbohydrate means the higher the added sugars level.

Everyone knows besides diabetics, these added sugar can cause other health issues like heart disease, hypertension, obesity and dental problem. However we cant completely avoid taking sugar coz we do need it to give us energy to perform our daily task. But with excessive sugar intake, i will be having a jumping uZAir till pass midnite, making noises disturbing the other siblings who are already a sleep…and of coz that automatically makes me a zombie mommy the next day.

People are getting more health conscious nowadays, u can see lots of product labeled “no sugar added”, i do buy syrup for my kids from the organic store with the “no sugar added”. Since its difficult to stop them from drinking coloured drink (syrup), thus i get those organic syrup from them. Im rather impressed with some of my friends’ children who doesnt like any coloured drink, they prefer plain water. I have a friend who’s daughter feels that coloured drink is “dirty” and refused to drink it.

Can anyone out there who has children that dislike coloured drink teach me how to train them in such manner, hopefully i can train the same on Uwais, insyaAllah

Lets leave a healthy lifestyle 🙂

the dad running around with them, to burn their energy level hoping they sleep early at night..hihi

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  1. babe,aiman dulu suka sgt minum air manis2 esp yg dlm kotak i dh kurangkn beli air kotak,tp i beli tumbler yg dia suka(dia pilih sendiri).i letak plain water n alhamdulillah die boleh minum sbb air tuh jer i dok sua kt dia.kalau keluar rumah pon kene bwk tumbler nih..skrg nih misi nk bg dia mkn sayur plak


  2. salam munirah,

    just wanna share my exp with you…

    last month i went for my asthmatic check up. at the same time, i enquire the dr about my dotter who always gets cough + wheezing (and it takes more than a week or two for her to recover)… since im asthmatic n my FIL in law also has the same back ground, the possibility of my dotter getting asthmatic is quite high. but since she’s is she 2+ yrs old, the dr said its too early to confirm that it is asthmatic. Thus, he adv me to control her food intake.
    the dr i went to see is the respiratory specialist at gleneagle singapore. he told me that milo and colouring foods + drinks are not adv for kids as that cause phlegm…
    actually my kids doesnt take milo pon but they started to take milo sbb kat school during break usually they serve milo.. tp kat rumah mmg xde stock milo at all….
    as for coloured drink, they used to drink syrup.. tapi lama2 i stop buying syrup. at home i only have plain water.. cold water pon kat rumah i xde.. so they have no choice.. nak tanak terpaksa minum plain water. they only get to drink coloured drinks when i take them out…
    at home, they munch vegetable as snack.. my son loves munch celery… sehari at least dia mesti munch 2-3 batang.. my dotter plak suka munch cucumber + carrot…
    other than that, my kids suka makan crunchy food… so, kat rumah mmg my mom selalu simpan peria katak (yg kecik tu) goreng… + kerepek bayam.. ehehe. so, anak2 i mmg x dpt makan junk food at all… hahaha.. kadang2 kesian gakk tapi once in a while bile pergi holiday i kasi laa diorng freedom makan apa yg diorng nak…=D


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    so far alhamdulillah my kids have no problem eating vege, in fact the will ask for it. my kids pun slalu munch cucumber and baby carrot. if harith ulam pun die bdeal makan.

    tp tulah coz im staying with my rumah ni mmg ade coloured drink (syrup) tu susah nk stop them…if rumah sendiri can avoid stock up such drink kan. this hse mmg tak stock up carbonated drink tp aritu raya tu ade beli coke tuk guests datang…wuish mmg caused me unneccesary stress…terjerit2 diorang nk minum coke when they jumpe dlm fridge. like u said the best is not to stock it up.

    my kids punye skool serve air kosong mase break, alhamdulillah. in fact that was the major consideration in choosing school. aritu ade usha this one particular skool…they actually serve teh susu during break!!! i trus cross that skool out from our list. ade hari yg they serve teh o and ade harit hey serve milo.


  3. My kids Alhamdulillah love any kind of veggies, be it cooked or raw. If I put a tray of assorted veggies n a bowl of chips, they will go for the veggies first.

    Anyway, I too stop buying / giving my kids ( 7yo n 3yo) juice boxes drinks coz I cannot control/ adjust the sugar intake. They either drink plain water or 2% milk. The only juices I have at home are orangen apple juice n tu pun I make sure they r 100% from juice not concentrated. I’ll pour the juice in their glasses n add half water to it, tht way they still get the good vitamin C from the juice n i can still control the sugar by diluting it w water.


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