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Toddler-friendly Recipe

March 11, 2011

As some of you might already knew, hArith loves helping around with the domestic work. Among his fav is baking. Those who attended the aqiqah had the chance to taste harith’s choc chip cookies. Yesterday he did butter cupcakes to bring to school, they r having a bday celebration today.

Wondering how harith bakes? Here’s a custom made toddler-friendly recipe i did for him, something “readable”.

And here are photos of him in action.

I asked him to take out all the ingredients and utensils needed.


measuring (the custom made recipe is by his side)

sift the flour ; his fav

ha smpai nganga2 mulut nk make sure x tumpah

athirAh dtg part nk masuk choc chip sbb nk masuk some dlm mulut die gak. tgk muka harith, making sure athirah do it the right way

and the best part, he will take care of the dishes too 😀 .  i need not worry coz he really washes it thoroughly.

and here’s the end product, proudly brought to school tadi 🙂

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  1. hi munirah..great..impressed with the way u educate ur kids..thinking utk apply this to my son also, 🙂


    nurull 101 Reply:

    wow.. bagusnya… camne u educate your kids ekk… share la ye


  2. wow, so impressed! mcm x caya mereka baru 4 yrs old (kan?)….i kena cari masa jgk guide Aliah.

    Athirah look like a bit gal…Minyak apa u pakai utk rambut dia?


  3. Cayalah Harith… Bleh jadi Junior Master Chef.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    if only im good in the kitchen, i would have train my kids jadi cm jr masterchef..malangnye i sendiri tak reti masak


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