Want to take up the Challenge : Part 2 – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Want to take up the Challenge : Part 2

April 13, 2011

Remember this last post on “want to take up the challenge” , Adam updated me with his 2nd part of the journey…his 3rd and 4th week. Below is his story:

Munirah! my final testimony… 🙂

USANA Challenge Week 3-6 (15 February – 14 March 2011)

It has been more than a month that I started taking USANA. Up till today, my left knee shows only the tiniest form of discomfort. I think USANA has done its job well. I can walk, run, jump, crawl (when you have a toddler, crawling is a necessary skill!) drive without any soreness or discomfort.

This is amidst the fact that I have been playing futsal every Saturday night for about 2.5 hours non-stop. What seems very strange to me is that I do not feel much pain when I put pressure on my left knee as I start to sprint or make a quick turn when playing futsal. Last Saturday, I felt like I was given a new lease to my left knee.

I must admit that during week 4-6, I was not that consistent in gulping the three pills and occasionally I would substitute it with some other (smaller) supplements but I know that the effect that I am feeling now was certainly because of USANA. It may not have given me an immediate impact like how everyone would have hoped when they try USANA but through time, one can really feel the difference.

I am grateful to Munirah Hanim and Ahmad Syauqi for their convincing effort and kindness in getting me to take on this USANA challenge. May Allah reward them, their children and family with greater successes in this world and Hereafter. I love you guys! J

Syed Adam Alhabshi

27 years old

(Disclaimer: As much as I believe that the healing process is because of God, The All Mighty, the taking of USANA is clearly the effort and reason for such satisfying result.)

Usana do have various supplements for other health condition too, insyaAllah.

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