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Mickey and Minnie Theme Birthday Party

May 2, 2011

Here’s a double celebration of 2 siblings, Minnie Nadra and Mickey Khaleef.

I shall let the pictures do the talking 😀

cupcake toppers

Food Label, Thank You Label for Candies, Goodie Bag

Since it is a Double Celebration, we have the labels on both side…one side with a touch of girl’s colour, and the other side, a touch of boy’s colour.

Sorry poor photo quality , was carrying uWais when i took the picture

Food Tray, to serve small size candies like jelly beans 😉

Flag-like banner to be hung on the wall

Cotton Candy


Harith saw me putting in sweets n lollipops in it..he’s eyes were surprised to see me doing so. Lucky thing he kind of know its not for him. I told him insyaAllah we will have one on his birthday.

(Mr Finance Minister, please approve this year birthday party 😉 please please since i kind of promise hArith)

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  1. Salam, nak tumpang tanya mana u dpt sources brg2 mickey & minnie yea? sbb i plan nak buat my Bb birthday 30th July dgn tema mickey & minnie. plzzz help. tqvm


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    salam, we at tripletsplusone.com do provide customize bday services.
    the items u see are customize by us 🙂
    do email us at info@tripletsplusone.com for enquries


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