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Sugar Level

May 15, 2011

Remember this previous post of mine? I talk about sugar intake. Some products do  not mention the amount of sugar, but dont be trick, u can actually know the amount of sugar by looking at the level of carbohydrate. The higher the carbohydrate, the higher the sugar. And some use a substitute name of sugar; corn syrup solid, glucose syrup solid and sucrose. These are all the same; SUGAR.

When you hear of coca-cola, I am sure most of you know that a can of coke contains a lot of sugar. And to my shocking knowledge, I found out that even babies’ powdered milk could also contains a lot of sugar! Yes this can be shocking news to know the amount of sugar we feed our babies and imagine our babies drink 5 – 6 bottle of milk daily! And we often wonder why our child is so active, never ending energy. And we also real cute chubby babies. Yes of coz they are cute, feel like pinching their big thigh..geram. But have u ever wonder, the baby could be obese due to too much sugar intake? Of coz some say…”oh she/he has not start on solid food yet, just milk”. And have u actually taste your child’s milk? Give it a try, it is indeed sweet!

I found this cool website where u can calculate ur babies’ sugar level in the milk powder. Check it out!

Give it a try and see whats the shocking result you get.  You might be concern by now and would like to change you child’s milk. So what milk should you switch now?

The new Anmum Essential has no added sugar and 100% more DHA, yes growing up milk powder is the important source of nutrition for children growth and development , thus it is very important to ensure that there is no sugar added. Sugar is definitely not necessary in your child’s milk. They can get the sugar from natural / intrinsic sugar (i.e fruits )

It is important to check on your child’s milk to ensure no excessive sugar in it, do check the label of the product to know the level of sugar . Do inform your friends and relative to check their children growing milk. Use the sugar calculator and to calculate the amount of sugar the product has. It can be a real shocking news to some of us!

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  1. hi munirah…

    i selalu jenguk blog u, tapi jarang meninggalkan jejak..

    i’m not so sure la about the sugar level in this new anmum tanpa gula tambahan… coz, i baru wean off my dotter 15 month.. bagi die anmum tanpa gula tambahan tu (sblm ni i BF dan x campur langsung FM).. tetibe je sekarang ni die jadi kanak2 yang sangat amat terlebih aktif…and her weight naik cepat betul bulan ni…


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