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Felda Gedangsa, Tg Malim

June 6, 2011

It’s been awhile since we balik Felda Gedangsa, last balik was when Mak Long passed away. I remembered syauqi’s cousin pesan just before we leave back for KL “mak long dah takde, jgn x dtg jumpe kak mai tau” I love going back coz that’s the only kampung we now hv for my kids. My grandpa passed away last year, rumah kampung dh dirobohkn sbb xde sape dok situ, auntie2 kt sane all staying at housing area. Thus no more kampung environment if blk Pontian.

Nway, rumah kt tg malim under renovation, kids enjoyed main pasir…pasir construction. I hv check no taik kuncung ir such thus gave green light for them to continue main.

It was impossible to get athirah to look at the camera

lepas main, x sah lah if x mandi kt luar kn,

psst…wait for the nxt entry…uwais botak 🙂
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