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Uwais' New Image

June 8, 2011

Some might notice that uwais is a carbon copy of his brother uZair. Even his hair. Tu kami jenuh piki to cut or not to cut his hair sbb taakut nanti if cut rmbut depan die nk masuk 3 tahun baru tumbuh. Rambut uwais yg nmpak lebat kt depan tu is actually rambut die dari belakang. depan tu anak2 rambut je

tp kami rase cam rambut die dah serabai…thus decided to give him a haircut


see what i meant, dpean tu anak rambut je…yg lebat panjang is from rambut tengah die.

someone is a lil confused here, what is pApa trying to do

(sila abaikan gmbr hArith tgh tertonggeng tu)

one side done,

the serabut-ness of the other side,

pastu boleh tak, syauqi kate nk biarkn mcm ni….

of coz we didn’t…. 🙂

Had a mini photoshoot the next day with his new image, stay tune for that in my next entry 😉

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  1. bila dah botak, tak nmpk dah rambut depan dia sikit.. comel 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    dh clean shave mcm ni, bile tgk balik gmbr b4 botak baru lah sedar betapa serabainye b4 this..hihi


  2. comels!!!

    uwais n uzair mcm look alike, tapi uzair mmg boyish n uwais pula bila senyum tu nmpak gugurl sket..hihi


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