Carnival Circus Theme Party ; Triple Celebration 2011 – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Carnival Circus Theme Party ; Triple Celebration 2011

July 25, 2011

this is an extremely long entry, over loaded with lotsa photos

Okay where do i begin? The party itself or the preparation? I’ll just type whatever comes out from my mind…will try my very best to do it in a proper sequence.

Well, i did get green light from my finance minister to have this party but as usual we need to wait end of the month (24th onwards) to get his roster before we can set a date for the party. Elder 2 birthday is in June while uZair’s is in july but there wasnt any weekend in june syauQi was around. So there goes my hope. Didn’t want to prepare things coz afraid july pun he takde off day on weekends and the following month will be august so no way we can do it during ramadhan. Syauqi did request off day for july weekend but it wasnt firm in black n white , so i just did some minimal preparation because of the uncertainty (i.e designing, with the help of my sis-in-law of coz) When july roster was out i was simply thrilled syauqi ade off day on a weekend. Terus start printing ape yg patut, cut and assembled. Yup i had to assembled the popcorn box cum party pack. 70 of it and other cuttings to do, toppers, food tray, water bottle lable, to name a few. Mom helped a lot, i repeat A LOT of potong kain to do the flag banner, my dear school friend help me jahit it. i have a sewing machine but i doubt it i can do it straight and neat unless i take my very own sweet time. i only have like 2 weeks or so to prepare all. Oh i had lots of surprises (read: secret) for syauQi. I had lots of things under ย my sleeve that he were not aware off if not sure bising buang masa dan fulus…hihi. He had no idea at all on this flag banner thingy, that morning, i took out all the flag to be hung, asking for his help. he was like “you nak buat ape ni? ” i nak flag ni from all tiang to meet up here” though of using a kayu but he suggested ikat je trus kat pokok tu. ย Oh i simply love the end result…making it look more carnival i hope.

from all tiang

Oh and also i had to do lotsa paper pom pom for the wall deco. my first few was a lil (ohkay i admit, a lot) comot…i had my sister’s fren who was my org kuat behind this birthday to teach me how to make a better pom pom, walllaa…and the result was this. all for the featured wall,

dessert table,
last minute i saw the polka dot apam kt restoran in kg subang, balik rumah terus zasss google up “apam polka dot damansara” and walla found one in kota damansara and she does delivery. PERFECT. my number one criteria,i need delivery service coz wont have the time to pick it up, oh did i mention, my mom jatuh and fractured her knee cap and now kaki plaster, so i pun macam patah kaki tak cukup kaki tangan. she felt on the 1st july, 8 days b4 the bday.
and more pics of the food on the dessert table; jelly beans, butter sugar cookies, choki choki, chocs…
the pic above, i didnt notice it was all uzair’s name. i should have turn one or two boxes the other way round for the elder 2’s name.
main menu for the adults were mee rebus. slalunye my mom akn tlg kuar kn bekas hidang food. pagi tu baru lah terhegeh me nk kuarkn, trus lupe nk kuarkn the bekas bawah to keep the food warm…warrgghh my bad. syauQi suke mee rebus, so mmg every majlis you all boleh expect this i guess…hihi.
for the kids instead of the usual homemade spaghetti, we decided to order ย fried rice n fried macaroni since doubt it ade mase nk cook .
notice the blue with red dot fabric in the above pic? was so happy to see it in , perfect match.
alhamdulillah manage to stick to the “tentative programe” , i scheduled the cake cutting to be early sebelum kids get comot and berpeluh main games.syauqi dah kate awal2 takyah beli cake besar just because cantik pastu nanti tak abis makan, berbulan dalam fridge. he specifically mentioned die nak the rainbow cake, i had no objection against it coz it suit well with the theme. searched high and low for it and finally stumbled upon it was even more perfect coz unlike others, this lady does not cover the whole cake with icing. you can see the layered. Other bakers will cover the cake with icing and only after you cut it will you be able to see the layered colours. This lady however does not do delivery on weekends, but it was love at first sight, thus i was willing to pick it up from bukit jelutong. i ate few rainbow cakes before, they used butter cream icing, making the cake sgt lah sweet, but thatlastslice uses creamcheese, yummy!.Ordered 2 rainbow cake and one red velvet.
Yes, we had fireworks on the cake. mom found it at Kazakhstan. ย We had enough fireworks for all 3, but we made the right decision to only fire on the last cake. The kids were afraid of it. Lucky thing it was on the last cake or else tak sempat lah nyanyi 3 songs, budak2 dh cabut lari.
After the cake cutting, i arranged the games. It wouldnt be a carnival without a game aight. Ohh the minute i decide on this theme, my main focus was to have a ticket booth. Went to the hardware shop with hanah’s friend (her name is Ami btw) but they didnt have the pvc connector that we wanted. Dah kecewa yang amat, after 3 hardware shop….non had what we wanted. But brilliant ami managed to figure out something…and tadaaaaa, we had our ticket booth.
Alia, my customize bday biz partner ๐Ÿ™‚
syauqi’s sister and niece
What is a ticket booth without a ticket aight ๐Ÿ˜‰
and each kids will get a sticker name as well
We had 5 games all together,
Can Knockdown,
Among the things i like about syauQi is that he has friends from all walk of life. one of his friends ade stall air kat uptown hawkers and samba futsal centre…so we easily get 20 cans of condensed milk to prepare for this can knockdown game.
Ring Toss,
not sure who was more frustrated, the kids or the adults…hihi
at the end of the day, if im not mistaken, Fadd (kazim’s mom) je yg bejaya put a ring in…
i forced everyone in the house to finish 16 bottles of V-soy drink in 3 days to get the bottles ready…hihi
Pin The Nose,
Beanbag toss,
Pick a Duck,
We also had body bopper free and easy game ,
ni mak budak giving it a try, actually we bust the max weight, mujur tak bocor…fuh ๐Ÿ˜€
and another free n easy, the zorb ball
adam giving the gals a push. wondering how it is inside?
adam muka puas hati dpt pushed n make the gals tumble all about.
and yes, as you can see on adam’s face…we had face painting. Ami, my sis’ friend was the artist of the day ย ๐Ÿ™‚
adults pun get their face painted ๐Ÿ™‚
A group photos with the moms
and among the best secret was
free flow of icecream, mingo mingo
at first i asked the men to masuk the drive way tapi the machine takleh if slope..the kipas takleh function or something like that. thus we get him to park depan gate.
another best kept secret was,
the clown
i think i better stop here and make Part II. Too much photos, the post is getting heavy…
*photos were taken by anita’s husband unless stated otherwise (i.e nannoor.blogspot and darfia mel)
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  1. yerlaa…mmg sgt best laah! bolehlaa i plan for coming Oct. ni..kalau nak book ke ape2 ke,brp lama ye dear? tapi bkn buat kat rmh, i plan nak buat kat tasik near my house sbb ada parking space byk…


  2. hehe.. happy belated birthday dearies!!
    patut laa that day masa amik usana tu i tgk ada cam poster/banner kat tembok..i was like..”pehal ade poster circus ni??” ekekeke..

    nice one.. awesome job!


  3. salam sis..:)
    saya nak send massage melalui contect form sis…tapi…
    massage tak boleh submit…

    macam mana nak contact sis ya…sebab nak bertanya tentang mesin rambut…
    hari tu saya ada nampak hubby sis mesin rambut wazir kat taman…:)

    kat mana saya boleh beli ya mesin rambut macam tu…:)

    sebab yang guna sekarang…
    macam tak yakin je… huhu

    harap sis boleh bantu…:)


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