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Fatty Crabby Baby Shower

July 22, 2011

Life has been very busy lately. Hardly have the time to update this blog. Last month i was busy with kids’ bday preparation. Cant wait to get the photos so i can do an entry on that.

Meanwhile lets enjoy this Fatty Crabby Baby Shower cum Bloggers-Meet-Up. It was an impromptu baby shower for Lana. We wanted to eat fatty crab, but there’s no way i can do so if we were to go to the restaurant. So just like what i did with yaya (tapau makan at my place), i suggested the same this time around. Thus it was possible for mom and dad makan smpai jilat jari while the kids buat hal masing2…hihi

While choosing the date, lana suggested to do it last week sbb anytime she’ll be in the labour room…along the conversation, someone mention boleh jadi ala2 baby shower. It was just part of the conversation. So malam tu i decided to do a lil deco mane yg sempat. Buzz my sister-in-law to help me out with the design, i had something in mind tp tak berjaya buat…the “swimming baby”. It was already late night so didnt expect much coz i knew she was also tied up with her schedule. Tgk2 bangun besok pagi…tadaaaa there’s an email from her with the swimming baby. Yayyy!!!

So i played around with the design to do some other decos (i.e flag banner, place mat ,cupcake toppers and bottle lables ). Printing shop closes by noon on saturday so agak kelam kabut thus i settled with watever yg sempat buat. And i was thinking, takpe 2nd baby takyah beria sgt setakat nk add some colors here and there for the day. Little did i know, lana never had a baby shower mase hQ. Lana, if only u hinted to us 😉

Nway, i didnt take much photos coz the crabs were just sooo tempting. Put aside the camera and start makan dgn penuh perasaan sume org 🙂

Here’s poster that greeted me in the morning when i checked my email.

The table mat and bottle lable for the botol susu,

After the main dish ketam ,we had dessert. Fiza bwk kuih keria, yaya; karipap, nita ikea’s dessert (arrghhh time ni lah lupe namenye, almond something), siti brought Serai Pavlova di mana telah mengkaburkn mata sume org…thus i was kinda lucky actually coz lana bwk her sinfully delicious brownies with great package, along with vanila ice cream…had 1/2 of it remaining in which i hide it in the fridge for me and i (yes only me) to indulge it….hihihihi.

The brownies,

and the pavlova,

that’s about all the photos i took, was too busy enjoying the great food and good company that i decided to ditch the camera aside. and the reason i can afford to ditch the camera aside was because nita’s husband became the trusty cameraman on the night. here are some shots he took (in which i downloaded it from his fb , thanks !)

someone is stealing the preggie mommy lime lights! 😛

n in this pic below, i think i can see uwais’ face in me, no?

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  1. hihihihi takpe fiza ala ala marilyn monroe punye skirt kena tiup kipas tudung ko tu hehehe. cun ape 🙂

    btw thx munirah and sis in law and shoqi and all mummy bloggers who came for going thru so much trouble. i did not expect a thing. only the crab of course. tq for making it a sweet memory for us to cherish. muahhsxoxoxox u all!


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