Twenty Nine – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Twenty Nine

August 22, 2011

Conversation 1:“mommy,nak tak byk2 clown dtg rumah?” “ohh xpe harith,no thanks” “ha? mommy dont want?!?? kite go buy dress lah tuk momny kay”

Conversation 2: “Pah jom gi LA beli dress tuk mommy” “LA jauh lah harith” “kite gi naik big plane lah”

Conversation 3: “Pah, nnti walid (my bro) blk frm work kite suruh beli dress tuk mommy,sbb papa dh xde duit,dh beli putu piring” haha

Conversation 4: ” Harith ade duit ke nak beli dress tuk mommy” “ade” “mane?” “kat tabung athirah lah” “mane ask pah” “paaahhh, walid kate ask pah belikan dress tuk mommy”

n in case u r wondering,no i never mention i wanted a dress

Looks like this will be my last year before i enter the 3-series, insyaAllah. Alhamdulillah i’m blessed with all the things im surrounded with and most importantly, great family. Since it is ramadhan, i didn’t expect anything, but little did i know…receiving lots of wishes via facebook and twitter really made it feel birthday-ish. No celebration needed but all those wishes really make a whole lot different to the day. Thanks all. I hope i replied to each and every and did not miss out on any.

Told syauqi, i would love to have alexis pavlova…and he has this thing where if he / me wants something…he will buy a lot of it to a point that i will have enough of it that even the sight of it makes me wanna puke…hahaha (kay this only implements on food…jgn harap ye it works the same for handbags, haha). Just like when i was pregnant with uwais, each time we go to One Utama, i will request for the japanese icecream kat the “kedai runcit” zanmai, then one day he decided to get 20 of it, stock up in the fridge…if im not mistaken after the 12th ice cream, i went slow on it…took a while to finish all 20 and i definitely have enough of it. Since then i didn’t ask for it whenever we are in OU.

So bile kate nak pavlova, i was expecting a slice or two, but instead he said, get the whole cake so you will have enough of it and wont ask for more…hihi. Unfortunately there were only 3 slices left, bought all 3, and yes all 3 for me, no sharing ya…haha. and yup for the time being i dont think i will ask for it in the near future. ni lah namenye politic suami…hihi

I didn’t expect anything else for the day, but to my surprise, at about 6-ish, brother and his wife came over with Tony Romas take-away. Woww weeee ribs for iftar 😀 . Apparently mom spoke to syauqi tanye what to have for iftar, they came out with the tony romas idea, called them up and got my bro to pick it up. On top of that, sis-in-law cook a dish, honey mushroom chicken roasted….kay im not sure which word comes first, or was it called chicken roasted honey mushroom. Tak kisah lah name die ape, i love it…enough to keep for sahur in which i had another 3 ketul ayam for sahur :D. Nuha, if u r reading this, sila lah buat lagi 😀

And about the dress…hmm maybe i should get a kaftan instead of kurung for this raya, that’s the closest i can think of to a dress since my boy really wants me to be in a dress


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