I miss my blog – TRIPLETS plus ONE

I miss my blog

September 7, 2011

Yes, i do miss my blog. Sadly, i dont have the time to update it. By the time anta elder 2 skool, balik tak sempat buat ape sedar2 its time to fetch them back. Uzair is still attending the speech therapy, hasnt start talking yet but more sounds coming from him, hoping all those sounds will form words soon, insyaAllah. uWais is keeping me really occupied…following him everywhere…he crawls about everywhere and anywhere. Started climbing up the stairs too.

Meanwhile, here’s ¬†photos of uWais eating “kuih raya”


And i miss taking photos too. Hardly have the time to even take photos of my lil ones. Baby Lily Serena came for raya and managed to do 5 mins photoshoot with her

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